About Me

I love to write. Oh and I have four kids. Take a breath and say that outloud..four kids. I need a release. This blog is my creative outlet...my way of expressing the words I cannot say. This blog is a mix of my personal stories and my love affair with shopping and style. I am pretty sure I am a better writer than speaker..and I love being able to share my stories with anyone who will listen

 To me, the pursuit of has been a journey. I have reached out far beyond what I ever felt comfortable with. I have shared both my funny stories and my insights. That is because this is how I communicate...I write. Through writing, I have been able to work many of my troubles out and relate to other people. I enjoy sharing my stories as much as I love to write them.

I invite anyone to join me on the pursuit...what is that? Finding the pursuit is finding passion..the thing that drives you and the thing you can hold on to as being truly yours. Knowing this passion is what helps you know yourself. So often we grow up feeling we need to be what other people want us to be. When we truly know ourselves, we can laugh at ourselves and we can accept ourselves.

Through my insights and my stories..I want to help other people grow and discover themselves. I am a mother of two girls and writing these stories is what makes me more confident...and I know my girls need good confident role models.  I want people to laugh and maybe get a few style tips.

Why the outfit pictures?
Honestly, it is what keeps me from wearing sweats and bland colors everyday. Every morning we choose to get dressed, by this we are choosing what we will say to the world about ourselves. I have found there is something magical about a pair of heels and some red lipstick. We all need to find that thing in life that gives us confidence, and for me that is what I wear every day. Just ask my husband, it is a ritual I go through.

Who does your pictures?

I am very lucky to be married to a wonderful photographer. He takes most of my pictures with a Nikon D3100. (our fifth child). I do the edits in Photoshop Lightroom.

Will you help me pick out the right....?

YES! send me your fashion or shopping questions...I LOVE it. I try my best to help everyday girls like me push the limits on their comfort zone. The older we get, the easier it is to get stuck in a rut of fashion and not want to take chances. It doesn't matter your age, body type, size or appearence, you too can dress well..and I would be honored to be part of that process.

Is Layla's Art for sale?

I can have prints made of her pictures...but the origionals are priceless. Please email me for more details. Eventually, I will have a link up on my page.

questions..comments? Interested in advertising on The Pursuit?...or just to say hi!


me...circa 1986

And yes...that is my real hair