Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Steps to the Steps

Stairs. Every parent's nightmare. Living in a cape code style home we have been able to shut the stairs away ignoring the danger they hold if discovered. Lately Jackson has become determined to venuture into the world of things we hide from him. Grown up stuff, dangerous stuff, small stuff, un-babyproofed stuff, and a giant fluffy bed to jump on. It is a toddler dream world and our nightmare. I watched as he used his sweet little sister's newfound playtime in a saucer to maneuver himself into the stairs. He has finally mastered opening the door and is racing up and down the steps faster than we can say "ER trip". The deconstructing of the stairs happened in a calculated and methodical way. 

Step 1: discover that Cece's saucer is on wheels and moves. Wheel her from the kitchen where Mom is trying to make something that resembles dinner. The saucer is now perfectly placed in front of the upstairs door. 


Step 2: Climb on saucer. Carefully avoid stepping on little sister so she won't cry and alert Mom to plan. Success: little sister is still cooing and smiling. Turn door knob, triggering clicking sound indicating door is now un latched. Try to open door. Oops, the saucer is blocking the entry way. 


Step 3: Climb down from saucer. Door is still open. Roll saucer away from door. Sister is still smiling and Mom is still attempting to adult in the kitchen. Open door. Look at Mom. Cue shit grin. 


Step 4: Eye contact made: Mom is on to the plan. Squeel with delight and run like hell up the stairs so she has to give into the chase. Repeat plan over and over and over again. 


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