Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Transfer


There is travel anxiety..and there is moving anxiety. Moving anxiety is way more intense. I started to pack away my life and wonder how, in seven years, I have accumulated so much stuff. I would go from hanging up a bunch of clothes to calling my cable provider to ensure they would suspend my service at no cost for the summer. (yes, Direct TV does). I had to get a new drivers license card, get a new car as my lease is up, find a current insurance card, make sure my bills are up to date, file my state taxes, make sure my medications are filled, etc. etc. Transferring to a new city is not easy..nor is living in limbo for the next two months. Most of today’s tasks involved one thing: a computer. It is funny how much we rely on our Internet service. Something was wrong with the DSL, I kept hitting the mail icon on my phone and watching as the little wheel would spin and nothing would come up. I needed to get into email, online banking, etc. I would restart the DSL modem and nothing would work. It was getting frustrating..so I added another task to my list..call AT&T.

Rep1: How can I help you?
Me: My DSL isn’t working, could you tell me if there are services outages in your area.
Rep1: Do you have an account number?Seeing Spots
Me: No, I have online bill pay and paperless statements, which I can’t access because of the Internet outage
Rep1: What is your address?
I gave him my address and telephone number.
Rep1: It looks like your account has been shut off. You haven’t paid your bill
Me: I am on auto pay. The amount just came out of my bank
Rep1: Let me transfer you to billing. Please hold

Rep2: How may I help you?
Me: Hi. It looks like my account has been turned off for non-payment. I am on auto pay, but my DSL is not working. Can you tell me what the problem is with my account?
Rep2: What is your account number?
Me: I have paperless statements. I can’t log in to get my account number since my DSL isn’t working
Rep2: What is your address/phone number?
I gave the address/phone/social/Josh’s social.
Rep2: I don’t see you in the system. Do you have a DSL or U-verse account.
Me: Not sure. I have DSL..it costs 19.95/month.
Rep2: Do you know if your account starts with a 0 or a 1
Me (guessing): a 0.
Rep2: Sounds like you have a U-verse account. Let me transfer you.
Me: Ok

Rep3: Hi. How may I help you today?
Me: My DSL isn’t working; your tech support says I didn’t pay my bill. But I am on Auto-pay. I don’t know my account number since I receive paperless statements and my DSL isn’t working.
Rep3: What is your address/telephone number?
I gave the information.
Rep3: Do you know the three-digit security code? It is on the corner of your bill
Me: I don’t have the bill. It is online and my DSL isn’t working
Rep3: Ok. I have your account number. It is 0xx-xxx-xxxx
Me: Thanks. Do I have a balance?
Rep3: I am going to have to transfer you. I don’t handle the Ohio accounts.
Me: Ok.

Rep4: Hello, How may I help you?
Me: It looks like my account has been turned off for non-payment. I am on auto pay, but my DSL is not working. Can you tell me what the problem is with my account?
Rep4: Oh no! I am so sorry maam. I will get that taken care of. This call is monitored. Do you mind of I use your information to offer you valuable services for your home/business?
Me: If you want, but I won’t be ordering service anytime soon. I am in the process of moving.
Rep4: Will you require service at your new residence?
Me: I don’t have a new residence yet. Can we just work on my DSL?
Rep4: Do you have your account number?
Me: 0xx-xxx-xxxx
Rep4: Do you have the three-digit security code? It is on the corner of your bill
Me: No. I have paperless billing and I can’t get onto my computer since my DSL is down.
Rep4: No problem. Can you tell me the name on the account?
Me: It is Kristen Taylor, or my husband Josh Taylor
Rep4: For security purposes, I have to ask you another question. What is the amount of your last payment?
Me: 19.95.
Rep4: Ok. Thanks. Looks like your account is active. There is no hold. You are on auto pay and we received a payment yesterday.
Me: Ok. What about my DSL? Are you experiencing any outages in the Ohio area?
Rep4: Let me transfer you to Tech support.
Me: Ok

Rep5: Hello, How may I help you Miss Taylor?
Me: My DSL isn’t working. All the lights are on. The service itself seems to not be working.
Rep5: What kind of router are you using?
Me: I have an Action-tech and two Linksys routers. One for my phone the other for my Wifi
Rep5: You don’t have an AT&T router?
Me: No. Your routers were really over priced. So I bought one from Wal-Mart
Rep5: Unfortunately, I can’t service your router since you didn’t buy it from here. I can transfer you to another department who services other routers, but it will cost .49 a day.
Me: I only need one day I hope
Rep5: Well the .49 a day will be charged for the next month. You will see a $15 charge on your June billing statement.
Me: So you are telling me I have to pay $15 for someone to fix my router that isn’t broken?
Rep5: Maam, you didn’t buy one of our routers.
Me: I bought your DSL service. I am not paying $15 for someone to fix my service. I have been transferred around ten times in your company; I don’t understand why someone can’t tell me what is wrong with my DSL. I am just going to start unplugging and replugging in routers until something works. Then I will call Vonage who has my phone service since they don’t make me pay a premium for a router.
Rep5: Ok Maam.
Me : Thanks for your help.
Rep5: Have a good day

There is forty-five minutes of my life I will never get back. If you are reading this post, then either (a) I called AT&T back and paid their stupid $15 fee to fix my DSL (b) I went to the library or (c) I fixed the problem myself.

The correct answer is C. Josh and I unplugged our routers and tested the Ethernet on the laptop until we figured out which router didn’t work. It was our phone router, so we plugged the wireless router into the DSL router and Internet was magically restored. I had meant to share some pics of my not-so-professional wardrobe….I have been living in T-shirts and shorts all weekend. It was both comfortable and functional since I packed away all my work clothes. Now that my Internet is working and my bags are packed…I am off to start a fresh at a new job!






Shirt: JCrew
Shorts: Old Navy 
Shoes: Converse (Kohls)

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