Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Renewal


Easter Sunday. The general theme of the Easter season is renewal and rebirth. The idea that you give something up, make a sacrifice and at the end you are completely reborn. I always think of Easter like that. Sacrifice and rebirth…that may be the theme of my life these days. “I am like a Salmon, Mom.” Layla explained. “Salmon wander away from the place they are born and then find their way back.” She was trying to make me feel less anxious about our move..back to the place she, Olivia an my husband were born, Columbus Oh. (It is completely symbolic of our relationship..I am anxious she is way too level headed). The bitter sweet feeling of that I am moving away from my family has made this holiday that much more sentimental. Does your family have any fun holiday traditions? This has been the weekend of simplicity laced with the theme of family. (Grizwald family Easter?). It was the small things like drinks with my sister while our kids were playing to big things like all of us owning our front row pew at church. It was the egg wars and jellybeans and the worst looking brownies I have ever made! Here are some of the highlights of my good old-fashioned family Easter

Good Friday: Sadly we didn’t get the early release from work that I was anxiously hoping for. The past few years, I have gotten off just in time to accompany my mom to the Jesus Christ Superstar performance by eight graders at a local Catholic School. In the past, quite a few of my cousins have been stars in this emotional performance..which makes it that much more powerful. I have been taking the girls for..well probably longer than they should have been there. The first time I took them, Liv was three and Layla was five. I was hoping they would capture the essence of the performance and get a bigger picture of what Easter was all about without having to go into graphic, Jesus was nailed to a cross, sort of explanation. Olivia was antsy about ten minutes into the hour –ish long performance. I kept folding my hands and lowering my head down in my most solemn position hoping she would see my example and follow suit. The woman in front of us crying did not help my feeling of embarrassment as Liv was shaking my leg asking when we were going to leave. I told her we were going to watch Jesus die and it was a very important part of Easter. She was still getting antsy. The music stopped so the narrator could tell more of the story. Liv was pulling my hand and trying to get my attention. “Is he dead yet? I want to go home!” She yelled.

Easter Sunday: The girls got up and found their baskets. Josh and I have a tradition of preparing their baskets well after midnight while enjoying a few grown up beverages. We like to hide the baskets in plain sight. Layla’s basket contained “The Hunger Games” since we saw the movie Saturday and she is obsessed. Liv got a book on style (my protégée). They both got poncho shirts and tanks from the trendiest of children’s clothing stores…Justice for Girls. “I always wanted a poncho!!” Liv declared. We went to my Mom’s for dinner and egg festivities including a hunt and egg wars. Does anyone else’s family play this game of egg crushing? You hold an egg up while another person takes an egg and smashes into yours. The egg that doesn’t crack is the winner. After a dozen or so smashed egg tops, my little cousin proudly held up her egg…like an Olympic victor.

It was a great weekend..full of over eating and good times. I have been pretty busy with the idea of moving and cleaning lately that I haven’t had time to do much else. I have some great post planned for April..including the return of my shopping addiction! Hope everyone had a great Easter holiday weekend!

Easter 1


Easter 3


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