Thursday, April 5, 2012

Learn from the Kids

I snuck this picture of the girls cuddling with each other. With all the things going on around me, all the changes, it was refreshing to look at the girls happily being themselves. Do you ever have that sort of moment of clarity? Having children, I get these glimpses into something bigger than myself…like a reason behind what I am doing. It is comforting to see them being, well just being kids. Lately, I have been under pressure. Pressure to make a decision and pressure not to second guess my decision. I took a job that involves moving. We are going three hours into the heart of Ohio to start over, reinvent ourselves in a city we haven’t lived over seven years. Scary? Yes. Exciting? You bet. I am the one to over think things, over evaluate the options, wonder about the “what if’s”. Then we have those moments, when time seems to let you catch your breath. Those are the moments that you capture mentally and dwell upon ten years down the road when you look back and smile.


Kid 2

Kids 4

Kids 3

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