Thursday, April 12, 2012

The First Day of School

I am a kid getting ready for the first day of school. I am scouring my closet looking at things the new me would never wear. A new school year was always that time to redefine yourself…like you suddenly became so stylish and sophisticated over the summer. Well, that was true for the four years in high school when I wasn’t required to wear a uniform. Grades 1- 8 were defined by one thing: the school shoes. I think that is why I have such an obsession with shoes. Professional work attire reminds me of my Catholic school days. There are work pants and work skirts, much like the navy plaid jumper that I pulled off the hanger in the morning and made a careful decision…blue or yellow blouse. But the shoes were all my own. That pair of back to school shoes meant everything. One year it was penny loafers, one year it was saddle shoes and one year I selected a pair of suede ballet flats with floral outline. As kids, we would get to go to Payless right before school and get one pair of shoes that we would try to make last the whole school year. They had to be sensible (nothing slippery like dress shoes), affordable (BO-NO) and of course cool (my rule). When I started my job, I bought this pair of black wedges. Since I am moving on to another job, I found it fitting to wear the black wedges during my last week. When I first wore them, two women in the office ran to Charlotte Russe to get a pair for themselves….as they were both adorable and affordable (a steal at $22). Now, I look at them and the black is fading and the bottom of one of the souls is coming loose. One could say that is a metaphor of some sort….I had to wear the shoes on my last week. The first day I wore a pair of too tight pin stripe pants and a coral short sleeve sweater. I was completely clueless on what “professional” people wore. I was a stay at home mom coming of five years of jeans and sweats. Now, pairing a tone on tone coral with a pair of dark plum skinny pants is something I can do while waking up at seven thirty for my eight a.m. start time. Going into my new job, I am going back to the one thing that can make or break an outfit: a great pair of shoes. When I think about my wardrobe and what I may wear for my first day of my new job, I only can think of one thing: what shoes should I wear?





Shirt/Necklace: JC Penney
Sweater: New York & Co
Pants: The Limited
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

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  1. You look beautiful in this coral color, and those pants are so cute! Perfect outfit for the first day :)


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