Monday, March 19, 2012

The Swing


What is it about a swing that makes kids so happy? I love the way they squeal with joy when their feet touch the sky. Nothing makes you feel more youthful and free than being on a become that kid again who thinks they are a bird. You start to sway really slow then gain a bit of momentum by pumping your legs. Legs out, legs tuck, lets out, legs tuck. Sometimes you hold on tight to the cold chain and lean back slowly to let the air puncture your cheeks. Then you arch your body forward so the back of your head gets a turn in the breeze. There is something completely magical about a swing. Who came up with this concept of a piece of rubber fastened to a chain so perfectly that it molds to every bottom? Our ten-day forecast in Ohio: amazing. With all stress and tension building up in my life, I couldn't think of anywhere better to go than to the playground. Josh and me played "best aunt and uncle ever" by taking the girls and my three year old niece on a walk to the playground yesterday. The sun was hot and the air had that perfect spring breeze as we pulled the little one in a wagon and the girls rode their bikes. Immediately the kids ran to the swings. "Push me! Push me!" they would yell. I remember when the girls were little; they didn't know how to make themselves go on the swing. I think that is one of those moments of motherhood that goes vaguely noticed but appreciated...the moment the kids can pump there legs and you don't have to push. I remember standing there pushing and pushing while they laughed.."Higher! Faster!” Push, push. "Are you good?" I would arms starting to get stiff from the constant motion. I start to think of things I could be doing while they were playing. I could be thumbing thought a magazine or getting their snack ready. I could be lying on a bench staring straight up at the clouds watching the day slowly float by. But there I was, pushing and pushing...making a funny face as they would soar closer to me. Then one day, they don't need me. They run over to a swing and start pumping their legs while I sit on a nearby bench and update my facebook status. As I stared at the clouds slowly floating by, I thought about how fast my kids have grown. They went from needing me to do everything to barely needing me at all. They can make their own food, ride their own bikes and push their own swings. I sometimes forget the little things. Some days, I get a memory or a glimpse of them when they were small…or even my own youth. I try to hold on to the good things….like tiny fingers clutching the chain on a swing crying out for more. If you are having trouble my recommendation is to head to your nearest playground..grab a swing and let your feet soar in the air.


Shirt/Pants: The Gap
Shoes: Teva

Writing Prompt: Think of something you loved to do as a child. Was it a playground or a swing or your bike. Think of how you learned this activity and why it meant so much to you. Tell a story of you as a kid enjoying this activity and imagine yourself as an adult trying to do the same.


  1. Swinging IS the best - such a great and free feeling :) Loving those pink pants!

    The Other Side of Gray

    1. We all need to swing every once in a while :) Thanks Annie..I like how you have rocked the same really can't beat Gap jeans

  2. How cuuuute! This totally makes me want to ditch work and go to a park with my boyfriend to picnic and swing :)


    1. :) Thanks Erin!! I just pull up these pics and forget I am sitting in my windowless office sometimes.

  3. Swings were always my favorite at the park - I used to love getting really high and jumping off. So dangeous but so fun! :)

  4. Me too! that used to be my favorite game. the higher the better :) I am way too chicken to try that now


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