Thursday, March 29, 2012

Seeing Spots


I have been looking for a way to do a tonal look. Lighter and darker shades of the same color always contrast so nicely. When I put on this T-shirt, the colors seemed to blend together seamlessly. There was one tiny problem…a grease spot. Right at the bottom of the V. Great. Whenever I go to a movie I have some sort of hole in my chin that transfers popcorn grease right onto whatever I am wearing. Last time I was at the movies wearing this teal shirt I had nice big grease spot, right over my stomach as if the popcorn was trying to get in through my belly button. When I pointed out my problem to my sister and my friend, they both suggested easy remedies, dish soap or cheap shampoo. I of course forgot to pretreat the shirt and tossed it right on the hamper. I was in the shower the next morning awkwardly leaning out trying to get the perfect shower jam on my iphone and I saw the popcorn tainted shirt. I looked over at the White Rain that I buy the girls and snatched the shirt into the shower. I rubbed the white rain over the stain, rinsed it under the shower head and tossed it right back into the hamper. It went through the wash as usual and the stain was gone. I am a sucker for home remedies. Too bad I didn’t have time to White Rain my V-neck. I tried on necklace after necklace. All of them fell slightly short of covering the stain. I needed a larger neck adornment. Then it hit me: scarf. The leopard was perfect against the shades of purple and it allowed me to throw on a sweater jacket. Is it ok to wear multiple leopard accessories? Especially when one is around your neck and the other is on your feet? I decided it was ok..and a little edgy.



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