Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Top 8

Since I can't shop for some of my favorite things like clothes and shoes..I decided to give my blog a little make over. I am completely obsessed with Etsy lately. What great way for creative and crafty people to get their products out there. Looking for some great antique jewelery? a hand crochet baby hat? how about some blog goodies...Etsy has it all!! I found this amazing new design from Whimsical Blogs . I was looking for something simple that involved a bird. I think my blog is growing up!! Guess that is what happens when you near your first birthday....

As am looking down the last ten days of my no shopping pledge..(minus some a weak moment involving shoes...) I can't help but to wonder what exactly I should get first. Do I get a practical item like a new bra? or something fun like a pair of tribal wedges? I have a running list of what is going to be my first purchase. Here are my top 8 items. I think the bird dress must make a nest in my closet. I can say one thing...I am ready for some color soon. I can't get enough bold hues like a pink blazer or a bright purse.

3 She in side  7 H&M
4 Seychelles 8 Wacoal


  1. That bird dress is adorable and I love those flats! :)

  2. adorable and not too expensive :) i figured you would love it.

  3. Loving that pink blazer and that awesome striped maxi dress - so fun :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. I love those flats! they would be perfect and super cute for spring and summer :)

    lovely blog btw!

    andrea brionne


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