Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Forty Days


I plan to reexamine my wardrobe and find new uses for old pieces. Maybe this dress? A Max and Cleo clearance dress from Dillards five years ago that I have hardly worn. I am not a fan of way the top fits, but its fun whimsical seventies print is what keeps it from the giveaway pile. I put on a button down and tucked it into my belt for a dress and midi skirt look. I am always wary of a midi-length skirt. I am only about 5'4" and usually buy my skirts in a petite to avoid a matronly and frumpy fit. If I can keep up this trend of adding new life to some of my older pieces than forty days should fly by!!! (don't worry...I treated myself to a Fat Tuesday splurge..)





Dress: Max and Cleo
Shirt: Converse 
Belt: Walmart
Shoes: Madden Girl
Necklace: Charlotte Russe

The dearest idol I have known,
Whatever that idol be,Help me to tear it from thy throne,and worship only thee…
- William Cowper, “O For a Closer Walk with God”

"Are you giving up anything for lent?
I am trying to think of something. It will not be video games. I can't give up video games. I will die if I give up food. How about not buying. for a whole forty days. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday..we don't have CCD. Yeah! oops, I mean.. well, CCD sometimes barges into my time. You know, my time of relaxing and hanging out at home.
"Can I give up a certain kind of cookie?" Liv asks. 
"That defeats the purpose. You need to give up cookies in general"
"Wow. I don't know if I can do that". She says
"You know, Jesus died for your sins...the least you can do is not eat cookies for forty days." I retorted in my preachy mom tone. 
"I really don't want to give up cookies." She says
"I am sure Jesus really didn't want to die." I respond
"Well...maybe I will just give up pop for Lent". 
"That works to." I say. I would honestly her have an occasional cookie then drink pop. 

"I will go with not playing video games," Layla chimes in.  "Can I still write on the computer? Writing and games are different." She explains. I am OK with her typing up her stories on Word.

"Can I give up pouting?" Liv interrupts. 
"You can't give up pouting." I say
"I tried to give up meat last year, but that didn't work." Layla continues. "I am going to give up video games...except typing my stories on Word. 
"Can I give up crying?" Liv says again. "I gave up Arby's last year...I didn't go once." 
"That is because we hardly ever go to Arby's." I say. "I think you should just give up pop."
"OK.I will give up pop. Not just Coke but pop." 

I have been saying I should just give up shopping for Lent. Last year I laughed that thought off and went with my normal sweets. I can go forty days with out sweets...but I can't go forty days with out buying as much as a necklace or scarf. I can barely go four days...(shopaholic font). I live for the day when the mailman brings me something...hopefully that fits. I love picking up a pair of bright earrings from Target when I only intended to grab a birthday card. I love browsing Ebay and Etsy for some vintage treasures. What can I say...I love shopping. It is my crutch and my vice...when I am having a bad day something as simple as a new nail polish color can change that. Unfortunately for my budget, I have a lot of bad days. Can I really go from today until Sunday, April 8 without a single clothing, accessory or shoe purchase? My inbox tempts me everyday with special offers or free shipping. I can barely make it to lunch with out filling a cart somewhere. Forty days and no jewelry, shoes, nail polish, purses, scarves, intimates, shirts, sweaters, pants, jeans, leggings, tights or socks. Forty days..forty little shopping..nada. Here goes...

What did you give up for Lent? 

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