Saturday, February 25, 2012

1000 Words


I love doing an outfit of the day blog because it gives me room in my wardrobe creativity. The whole thing isn't as relevant if there are not pictures to go along with it. After all, isn't a picture worth a thousand words? I can only describe in so much detail how much I love these vintage burgundy wine first ever purchase from Etsy. (pre Lent of course).  As a former owner of such boots, I thought I would be an ace at styling them. After a couple skirt outfits and some cords that were all wrong in color, I decided they best fit over my black skinny jeans. With the bottom half done, I went for my Forever21 bird blouse and a chunky teal blue sweater. I felt a little rock star is in this outfit, like at any time I could grab a microphone and actually be able to sing. (I did get a little too close to a karaoke machine for comfort...). I can only say so much about this outfit..but here are the next thousand words:






Shirt/Sweater: Forever21
Jeans: Gap
Necklace: Homemade 

I recently read this blog post on  writing. I have been following this blog for quite some time and love the practical advice on writing and publishing, and overall creating your own path in life. One of the basic things writers need to do is to actually write. I always say I will be working on my book..but when I sit down to start writing I am distracted by, well, life. I start on this nonlinear path of writing, basically I just write out a couple stories or thoughts that are not at all connected with other thoughts I have previously written. I get distracted or caught up in home or the kids or something other than my craft. Then I wonder how I am going to get the words from my computer to a real tangible book? Layla and I were sitting on the couch this morning just typing away on our laptops. She was writing yet another epic tale involving cats and I was jogging my memory hoping to squeeze out a thousand words. I told her that it was important for writers to write a thousand words a day. "Yeah, I know." She says. "That's what I am doing." I looked at her word count..319. This morning I have been inspired by my nine year old. She just writes stuff because she loves it. She isn't worried about who will read it or if it gets published or if it is even great. She just writes and writes and least a thousand words a day. Like any other craft, writing needs practiced and fine tuned. So far, the words have come easy for me and I am trusting the rest will just fall into place. Could you write a thousand words? Here is a prompt to get you started: (to give you a reference, this post was about 500 words)

What is the biggest challenge you face, is it a personal challenge? a professional challenge? Write what it is and some ways you think it could be solved...not matter how unrealistic it is..if there were not boundaries or limitations, how would you solve the problem? 

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  1. I love those boots over the black pants! So cute. And of course I love your bird top :) Hope you have a great Monday.


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