Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Dark Hair Princess


When I was a kid, I always wished I had long strawberry blond curly hair and pale eyes. It may have came from my small obsession with Teen Witch...or the fact that with brown hair and brown eyes, I was no where near looking like a natural blond. There was a brief time when, combined with my perfect "Rachel", I had achieved the closest thing to blond hair that I would ever get. It was a shade of light brown mixed with straw. Straw was the texture my hair became after a bad combination of bleach and sun-in. The truth is, my Lebanese roots were not going to allow any sort of blond natural curl. The closest I came to that was a permed mullet in the fourth grade. As I got older, I stuck as close to possible to my natural shade of rich chestnut brown. I am lucky to have such long thick hair....and wish I would have always been as fond of my coif as I am now. Thanks to scientific advancements in curling iron technology (thanks Hot Tools!), I am able to achieve a bit of wave in my hair.

Liv and I were at the store and I was looking for some hair dye. I like to get my hair dyed by a pro, but sometimes my budget doesn't allow it. I usually go for the box to hide the four gray hairs that seem to be multiplying. Liv started to cry as I picked up my usual shade of chocolate brown. "What is wrong?" I asked confused by her sudden outburst of tears. "I...I just wanted you to get Cinderella.." She stammered. I was taken by this. When I was a girl, most of the princesses were blond. But now, we live in a diverse world of princesses. There is a princess for all why are we still fixated on the blond princess?

Tonight, as we were getting ready for dinner, I reminded Liv how beautiful dark haired girls were. With our poker straight thick hair and our long eyelashes, we need to embrace the things that are natural. We are not blond material...we look much better they way we are. I paired a dark turquoise sweater over a coral turtleneck with an adorable button detail on the sleeve to wear for dinner. My dark haired princess wore a faux fur coat, sunglasses and a sparkled purse for her stuff. If my girls learn anything from my constant flow of Mom philosophy, I hope they remember that beauty comes in many forms and colors and they need to be confident in theirs. I loved doing this photo shoot...let's face it snow looks beautiful. It is such an amazing contrast to the colors I wore that I am making a pact to do all my photos outside in the matter how cold it is.

Writing Prompt: What is something you hated about your self as a kid that you now love and embrace? 






Sweater: Forever21
Shirt: Target
Scarf/Belt: The Limited
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Seychelles (DSW)


  1. Love this outfit - the leopard is a great, fun touch :)

    I actually did a whole post about this on Thursday - I used to hate my curly, red hair and wanted it straight but now I've finally grown into it and have learned to love it.

  2. Thanks Megan. I would have killed for your red curls in middle school (or even now). I loved your post about straightening it. I remember trying to iron out a few bad perms. I love blogging because it gives us more confidence to embrace what makes us unique :)


  3. That hair color looks great on you! And I love your color combo up top- so pretty!


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