Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Band-Aid



Me: Liv..why do you have two really big band-aids on your leg?
Liv: Because my leg hurts soooo bad.
Me: Band-aids are not supposed to make the leg stop hurting...they aren't magic. They just stop the blood. 
Liv: Maybe not for you.

Something caught my eye about Olivia's Band-aid. Did she write all over it? Did she draw little hearts and stars on it? Even better...she had her friends at school sign her band-aid as if it were a cast. She had two extra large band aids wrapped around her shins and another one on the back of her leg. Because her leg is so tiny and stick-like the Band-aids wrapped around most of her leg. I looked at the leg warmer effect the band-aids were having on her leg.  

Me: Who signed your band-aids?
Liv: All my friends...I didn't tell them to, they just did it. 
Me: When you take a shower, you need to take those band-aids off. Just rip off the band-aid. This time it is not a metaphor for literally need to rip off the band-aid
Liv: Huh?

She goes in to take a shower and comes back with the band-aids still fully in tact. The signatures have washed off leaving a clean wrap around her calf. 

Me: Why do you need two band-aids. How big is your cut. 
Liv: it is really big. 
Me: Like this big. I spread my hands about a foot wide. 
Liv: Well maybe not that big
Me: What happened to your leg
Liv: I dunno. I can't remember
Me: Why are there three band-aids? Does the cut wrap  all around your leg?
Liv: No. It just hurts that's all
Me: You know if you don't take the band-aids off then the leg will get dirty. 

I looked at how the band-aid had been framed by this line of a million black dirt particles had stuck to it. It was so messy, so dirty that I just wanted to rip it off myself. I couldn't understand how someone who complains about the seem of a sock rubbing on her baby toe could handle the feeling of a pants sticking to a band-aid. 

Me: You know if you don't take that off, we will have to take you to the hospital and have them cut off your leg...
Liv: Mommy!!

It is so easy for me to use the band-aid metaphor. I can say that whatever you are scared of, you need to rip off the band-aid...take the plunge. I don't think that is the case here. I look at Liv and wonder what caused her to wrap up a little scratch in a make shift band aid cast. Did you ever do something weird like that as a kid? Perhaps you faked an injury to get attention, or sympathy. I remember wearing a clear braces rubber band across my front teeth so I could draw out the same sympathy that a mouth of metal generates. I never had a cast...but a couple times I wrapped my arm in an ace bandage and paraded my arm in a overly dramatic scarf sling. When I look at Liv's band-aid cast, I can't help but be taken back to those days of childhood when sustaining an injury somehow made you cool. 

Speaking of "ripping off the band-aid", I couldn't quite make myself do today's pictures outside. I put on my navy and tan skirt from JC Penney. I had all intentions of doing a photo shoot in the beautiful white snow...but it was so damn cold. Just like Liv and her band-aids, I couldn't deal with the piercing breeze. Sorry that they aren't the best..especially for how much I loved this outfit..and my homemade necklace. Today's pictures are a reminder that sometimes we have to throw in the towel and deal with what we have...sometimes, if we are lucky, we get a group of friends rushing over to sign our make shift casts.










Shirt: Forever21
Sweater: The Limited
Skirt: JC Penney
Tights: Target
Shoes: MIA (DSW)
Necklace: Homemade

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  1. what a great story! sooo cute. I have done the bandage thing on my ankle, limping and all...hahaha!


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