Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bad Hair Day


It was probably about five years ago..but it seemed like yesterday. Layla was three  and Olivia was two. I am now so used to Olivia being the character in our family, that I forgot that Layla used to be quite the ham. When she was three, she had the world figured out. She asked any question that came to her little mind. We were at Nelson's Ledges...which is a quarry park/campground/music festival hot spot. This was the first of many summer trips with the girls to the Ledges. While the night times were filled with drinking and listening to music...daytime was all about swimming and building sandcastles. The ledges is a kids and adults playground...which is why we go ever summer. It is also filled with hippies of all ages. At three years old, Layla was especially intrigued by the not so average people all around her. There was a woman dancing in her own little world. She had on one of those homemade hippie dresses and as she spun, her purple flowered skirt would twirl around. She had her hair twisted up into a mess of ponytails that were pointed out in a Lisa Simpson like way using pipe cleaners. You could tell she embraced every inch of her individual spirit. Layla was standing there staring her and back at me. She looked down and Layla and smiled...twirling around her. Layla looked at her with question. "Excuse me." She started with her three going on fifteen tone. "Are you having a bad hair day?!"

Some days, I feel like that woman with the pipe cleaners. I look at my hair in the morning and wonder what the heck to do with it. It looked extra messy this morning and I had planned to pile it on my head in a messy bun. Of course, I couldn't quite get my bun to meet the right amount of messy so I had no choice but to make do with my hair as is. I easily slipped into my tulip jean skirt, a great print top and burgundy tights. No pants Thursday has easily become my favorite dressing day of the week. But my hair just wasn't agreeing with me. I looked at my calendar, January 26. At five o'clock, I would be ending bad hair days for the next six to eight weeks...I was getting my hair cut. Running my fingers through shiny freshly colored hair turns any bad hair day upside down. I love getting my hair done...the time away at the salon, my amazing kids is always a great time. Todays' bad hair day reminded me why it is important to have a great stylist. Today's outfit picture is the last bad hair day for a while!




Shirt: Forever21
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Skirt/Tights: Target
Belt: Walmart 
Scarf: Gift 

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