Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nerd is the new Nerd

After almost a month of waiting, I finally got my new glasses. Worth the wait? Yes. I completely feel the need to reinvent something about I tend to do from time to time. I need a little something extra to add to my look. Personal style is this evolving creature and sometimes it needs fed with risk. My accounting standpoint? Risk= reward. I have seen countless celebrities pulling off the geek  eyeglasses trend. Something about these glasses paired with a simple outfit just makes a person look so sophisticated and worldly. Pretty girls are fun to look at, but smart girls are fun to talk to. In my glasses, I feel like I am putting my smarts on display. Last night, when I debuted my new look, I got hit on. We were at local bar with a wide selection of beers and wines. It was one of those bars where the odd and eclectic get together to compare craft beers and music. It is that crowd where a pretty girl walks in and half the place rolls their eyes. You have to prove yourself in more ways then looks to get a starving artist to buy you a five dollar pint of Flying Dog. As a tall bearded stranger struck up conversation with me, I felt quite validated by my glasses purchase.

Stranger: I love those glasses. What a great color
Me: Thanks! they are new. I just picked them up a few hours ago.  (P.S. I have no game)
Stranger: They look great with the red lips.
Me: Thanks. the glasses are green, my lips are red...Merry Christmas. (no game...and at this time I started to wonder if Stranger was gay.....what guy notices eyeglass frames and lipstick?)
Stranger: Are you single by chance?
Me: Nope..sorry. (I point to my wedding ring)
Stranger: Thats too bad.

As he smiled and walked away, I couldn't help but feel very flattered by my new found nerdy hotness. I guess when you are the mother of two and a wife of almost ten years, you forget that you may be appealing to the opposite sex. I love to get dressed up..and put so much time and effort into the small details..the red lips, the glasses, the watch. I feel smart, sexy and confident when I have the right outfit on. It has been a while since a total stranger approached me making a move. We are programed by everything around like TV and magazines to think that we need to look like Miranda Kerr to get the attention of any guy.  I am feeling a little extra confident in my new glasses today, like I had something that made me and individual. Glasses are a great way to update your style...and worth the fashion risk.






Sweater/Pants/Necklace: The Limited
Blouse: New York & Co.
Boots: Madden Girl


  1. Hi!
    Love your blog, and the title of this. I would wear everything you wear, luv it!
    Found you on an IFB group, follow back at

  2. Thanks! I love IFB..I have found so many great blogs there. I love your blog...aqua is a great color :) I am following you on Bloglovin..since I just added the app for my phone.

  3. You are definitely working the geek chic!

  4. Thanks! I love them :) worth the wait


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