Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Earthquake

I feel the earth move under my feet. I feel the sky tumbling down, tumbling down. I feel my heart start to trembling. Whenever you're around
Carole King

WARNING: if the thought of Josh and I having "grown up time" makes you skittish, then please don't read the first paragraph. I would hope the fact that we have two beautiful children proves the fact that at least two times in our ten or so  years of being together we have seen each other naked. I  normally am not a huge fan of talking about or thinking about sex between people I actually know. Lets save the love juice for porn and Johanna Lindsey books. Talking about sex is one of those things I like to turn my head away in embarrassment...but then take a little peek back..just to get another glimpse. Talking about it is like a car don't want to imagine the gore..but you have to at least take a look. OK..enough with the sex metaphors. Well, one more. We had an earthquake today. It was a ground shaking day all around. Josh and I may have snuck in some quick "alone time" while the kids were lost in a trance of Little Big Planet. It was the kind of ground shaking love making that makes you wonder if you should buy a pregnancy test. For those of you that (a) have never been prego or (b) have a p-e-n-a-s then you will not get that joke. Anyone who has been pregnant knows that the sex during pregnancy is worth the nine months of weight gain and cankles. It is science ladies...I thank it has something to do with flow of blood to that area. It has been over seven years since I have had pregnant sex, but there are times when I will have those experiences that make me wonder if I need to run to Wal-greens and grab a First Response. If you have never been pregnant, and you are experiencing any of the following: increased intensity of orgasms, increased nausea, increased need to eat Twizzlers, overall confusion, unexplained ass growth, magnetic attraction to Big Macs, and immediate crying when that Johnson and Johnson commercial with the baby getting a bath (i never knew the love of my life would be short and bald...), then you may be pregnant. ***disclaimer: I am not a doctor.

We had a 4.0 earthquake today. I was sitting in the kitchen barking orders at Josh. "Get a cookie sheet." I told him. He knelt down to the cupboard where the pans are kept and they started to rattle. I looked at the kids and felt my chair shake. It was like a large truck was running right through our kitchen. I am no stranger to a shaking house. I can be sitting in the living room as Olivia runs by and shake my head in disbelief of how such a small body creates so much noise. Where her running is usually followed by falling and calling out "I'm OK", this rumbling was somehow more intense. I looked at Josh and we  both said the same thing...EARTHQUAKE. (and yes we yelled it like Bill and Ted). Unconvinced by our rationale alone we needed that instant validation that we weren't the only people in town that felt I checked Facebook. Sure enough statuses around town immediately started to verify that an earthquake did actually happen. I couldn't help but to see the irony. It is after all New Years Eve..on the eve of the year the earth is supposed to end. Was this in fact nature's foreshadow of what would come to pass in the new year. When ever I talk prophecy it is only fitting to use Galadriel form the Lord of the Ring's voice. (nerd font). I am reading this book about the existence of other humans and coincidences with my prophecy senses are extra tweaked. I can't imagine the world just ending in 2012...but it is hard to ignore the earth when it rumbles beneath me. Nonetheless, I am happy to say I know someone with a pilot's license. (disaster checklist number 1 in John Cusak's book). Whether or not this is the last year we are going to be here, I take the earthquake as a sign that we should make this year count. There is that saying to live each day as if it were your last, I want to apply this to 2012. We need to make this year count as if were our last. (aka Party like its 1999). For some of us that means we need to let go of fears or grudges. Other of us need to take that chance we keep putting off. When the earth shakes we need to listen. It is the universe grabbing us by our collar and yelling "what are you waiting for, stupid!".

This is my last post of 2011. I will be back next year! (extra dramatic font). I have big plans for 2012....I have to listen to the shaking earth and just go it. No more fear. Its time to put my Long and Lean jeans on (from the Gap) and stand up a little extra long and extra lean. I am not much of a New Year's eve person. I don't want to be anywhere near a mass crowd of strangers making out at midnight. I don't find any magic in any of that. It is the one night I am perfectly content to stay in and enjoy my family. I am headed to my sister's for another installment of a no-stress New Years Eve...complete with kids and games. Happy New Year to safe and be happy. Don't let another year go by without doing something amazing.







Shirt: Forever21
Jeans: Gap
Necklace: vintage
Shoes: Nine West (garage sale)
Ring: Buckle

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