Monday, November 28, 2011

Mommy Time

Wanted: peace and quiet. That means fifteen minutes of actual bathroom time. That does not mean bathroom time that consists of a small hand knocking on the door. "Mom...can I come in?". Or maybe ten minutes of getting dressed alone. That means me putting on a shirt and pants (socks is pushing it) with out a little body appearing in my room. It usually goes more like...shirt off..Liv in doorway. Then I tell her to get out and I will be there in a minute. She seems to linger..for a minute longer than necessary. She stares at me as I stand there all naked and exposed. Finally I tell her to get the "h-e-double hockey stick" out. "Sorry" she will respond and huff out of my room as if my quick Nat-Geo show for her wasn't enough to prove my undying love..or something like that.

Olivia is one of those kids who gets just a smidgen too close to you when she is talking. As if the more excited she gets..the closer she becomes. We have actually had conversations where I started on one side of the couch and as she crept closer I would move only to find my self at the other end. I am still baffled by her internal sensor that know just when I have done the following things:

-Sat down
-Opened the refrigerator
-Opened the front door to get the mail
-Gotten in the shower
-Started to put on make up
-Decided to paint my nails
-Went to the bathroom
-Wanted to watch TV

These are just a small example of the times Olivia shows up and starts acting extra "Liv-like". I think it has to do with my mom trimming her bangs. The shorter they get the more Olivia she becomes. When I say that, I mean she acts like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Her her feet are made of rubber her butt is made out of springs. She bounces, bounces, bounces all over the house. Olivia has a hard time sitting like a normal person and asking for something. She likes to sit on top of the couch rails, close to the fall off point. She will have a conversation by leaning in close to you. 

On Sunday, Olivia had a bout of extreme Olivia-ism. (or for her a normal Sunday). We did our usual get up and go to church routine. (the longest time Olivia goes with out talking all week...). Then we came home and had our usual Sunday brunch. (Josh makes bacon, french toast and eggs and I online shop). After breakfast, I was feeling a little lazy. The bacon was mixing up with the syrup in my stomach and they were telling me to sit down and watch TV. The kids had run off into their respected rooms and I decided to go ahead and enjoy our free weekend of Encore and Stars. Confession: I am a sucker for a Sunday rom-com. I save Sunday afternoons for the most chickest of flicks (Thirteen going on Thirty anyone?). I found myself alone..turning to stars only to find "Just Go with It" on. Rom-com + Jennifer Aniston + lazy Sunday afternoon - kids = Mommy heaven. (Did I ever mention I had the "Rachel" in high school?). As the movie went on...a cute, funny and predictable plot mixed with cute kids and Nick Swardson, I found myself  relaxing on my day of rest. I noticed Layla had entered the room and was sitting on the opposite couch reading her usual Cat Warriors saga. Layla and I usually have a way to peacefully coexist. We will exchange the occasional conversational pleasantries..or she will spout off a random animal fact that I never knew and will most likely forget. As I was writing this post, she sat down and showed me her book on how you can paint animals on rocks. We went through page by page and looked at all the different animals you can paint on a rock..who knew? Then, in came Olivia. She sat right next to me. I was sitting slightly sideways with my legs curled to one side and my hip pointing out of the other. (or it could be my large ass filled with stuffing). She began to slowly creep onto my hip. I could feel her breath against my shoulder. I inched away a bit..she had that weird grin on her she wanted to ask me something. She inched closer. I looked at Josh..who had also joined our party. (By that I mean he was sitting next to us engrossed on some ipod fantasy game). "She wants to cuddle with you." Josh said looking up from his game. Olivia gave an approving smile. I put my arm around her and we watched the movie. My enjoyment of the movie got tangled with Liv's questions.

Liv: Who is that girl?
Me: Its his girlfriend
Liv: Whose kids are they?
Me: The other girl
Liv: Why is she sad?
Me: because she loves him
Liv: Do those kids live in Hawaii?
Me: No. will you just pay attention!
Layla: What is this rated?
Me: I don't know. PG-13 maybe
Layla: Maybe we shouldn't be watching it
Liv: I like it. It is funny. Where did the blond girl go?
Me: They broke up. Layla do you feel offended by this movie? Do you feel it is inappropriate?
Layla: Not really..but it is PG-13
Me: Then don't watch it. This is not the only room in the house
Liv: Are those his kids?
Me: No
Liv: Whose kids are they then?
Me: That girls..again.

Mom lessons to be learned: Don't try to enjoy a grown up movie with kids around. On one hand, I have a child who can't sit still long enough to catch the predictable plot and on the other hand I have my mom-child questioning my parenting decisions on what I allow them to watch. There are many shades of gray with me. Was it a kid appropriate movie? (minus the Dave Mathews coconut part..which totally went over their heads). At times..but even if I had sent the girls away..they would have lingered back in their own little ways. Someone needs a bigger house!

Since it is Monday..and my Monday pants are tight..I have decided a food detox was in order. I will try to squeeze into some of my favorite pants to get some outfit posts back up. I went for an old favorite.Hipstamatic. This is my favorite of all iphone apps. It is an old fashioned camera..with really cool lens and flash features. Liv was more than happy to do a model show for me to take pics. I told her my post was about her..and what a pain in the butt she was. "Mommy..I am not a pain in the you know what." "No, No are not at all."






Shirt: Justice for Girls
Tank: Gap Kids
Jeggings/ Sock 1: Target
Sock 2: Walmart

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