Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Merry Christmas...Where's the Tylenol?

Is you house on fire, Clark?

"Its the most wonderful time of the year...." Do you ever feel yourself sing that in your head as you make your way through the holiday season? If you are like me it is like your mind is singing you this song in a sappy sarcastic way. You know you should be absorbing every ounce of joy this time of year brings. But, do you ever notice there is so much to do? My mind is, on a normal month, a cluttered mess of half thoughts. One day when I am long gone, I imagine the girls going through my stuff...notes, to dos, lists, agendas, etc..and wondering how I ever did it. I envy those who have something extra "Christmasy" they are good at. Are you one of those people who has exceptional outside lights. Do you have the perfect cookie recipe? Are you that person that throws the "can't miss" holiday bash every year? Gift wrapping..is that your forte? Maybe you are one of those people who have the coordinated decorations? I was thinking long and hard about this today. We began to prepare our house for Christmas. We cleared a space for the tree. (finally a great bare space for taking a few pictures!), and got the house ready for the decorations and traditions. The tree in one corner..the mini village on the end table, and of course our beautiful nativity scene on its mirror stand. I kept looking around wondering what my Christmas talent is. The time is so busy that I think I try to do everything without really excelling at anything.

Dear People with exceptional Christmas skills: How do you do it? My new theory is to pick one thing about the holidays you think you may be good at. (besides eating and drinking...)..and work on that the whole season. I want a Christmas skill! If today was any indication..I will be lucky to make it through the season alive...(dramatic font please). 

If I was a video game, I would have hit game-over right after lunch. I am still stressing about my pre-holiday weight gain. I started to track my calories and get a grip on the mess that will become my holiday eating patterns. Sometime this year, I stopped weighing myself. I used to obsess over the number on the scale. (There was the scale crushing incident of 2005......). I noticed on a given day..my weight would fluctuate up to three pounds. On a given week, the fluctuation would go to five to even eight pounds. There was my after morning trip to the bathroom weight..my after dinner weight, my before bed weight...it was an epic cycle. Now I judge on how my pants fit. If the center seam of the pants feel like a thong..then it is time to shed a few pounds. I guess after my Dairy Queen Blizzard and my second glass of wine...I decided tomorrow would be a good day to hit my calorie goal.  

The anxiety and disorganization I face near Christmas is not limited to this time of year...just heightened. I am not one of those people who seems to have it all figured out. I am on constant survival mode. Goal: make it to tomorrow...that is it. (that has lead to three times of being stranded gas-less on the road). I don't have a master plan nor I am a good leader of my house. I saw that evident when Olivia once again lost her homework today. Her teacher (and this is not the first teacher) has said she was forgetful and didn't always turn her work in on time. On one hand, I was upset with her...she is in  second grade after all and it is not her teacher's job to make sure she checks her mailbox every day. On the other hand, I was upset with myself. I know how she feels..the last minute anxiety over a forgotten task..the leaving an important document behind...the being overall unprepared for life itself that is all ringing with a familiar twist. I can actually feel her mind bouncing from thought to thought..from task to task...unable to zero in on one thing. My work, my home, my family, my children, my obligations...I am constantly a full stride behind them. I am the person buying the gift for the birthday party (and bag and card) ten minutes before it starts. 

This season is an elevated example of how we function in real life. My pursuit is to be good at one domestic thing. Maybe I will be the perfect gift wrapper or have the best recipe for eggnog. There is really one thing I love to do this season (or any) and that is this: shop. 

Birthday Gift
The Birthday boy decorating

Our village needs more houses

Blouse: Gabriel Brothers
Pants/Belt: The Limited
Scarf: American Eagle
Shoes: Piperlime
Neklace: Gift

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  1. Seam thongs, blizzards and wine. You are singin' my song. Thanks sister!


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