Monday, November 21, 2011

Magne Buttons Demo and Buying Information

I just got my new Opal button. I love how well it keeps my scarf in place...and adds a touch of glamour. All this with out puncturing the fabric. This is especially amazing if you own silk scarves. Magnetic is the way to go...check them out. They make great gifts!!!

They range from $18- $20. contact me with more ordering information. I am in the process of putting together an order site for easy and secure online ordering. Wholesale and Merchant ordering also available

For now email me with for ordering information

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  1. Kristen, Years ago I fanicied myself a writer. I have even had short stories and poems published (and received pay for them). Then I let life get in the way. Don't give up on your writing. You are an excellent and a very descriptive writer. Something that too few writers can do. You put feeling into your writing and you make the reader feel as if they are there. (Remember English 101?)


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