Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fifteen Minutes


 I find it odd as a society that certain people are given their fifteen minutes of fame. Whether it is a heroic deed, a song or something that they said, you really never know what your fifteen minutes of fame could be about. You could be walking down the street and something could fall out of the sky and hit you. It seems unlikely but it could happen, Donnie Darko. How do you prepare for your fifteen minutes of fame? I like to think sometimes our life is preparation for our eventual fifteen minutes. Just ask an Nancy Kerrigan...or any other Olympian. You train most of your life and if you are lucky you win a gold medal (or ten if you are Michael Phelps). You are met with chants of USA, USA, USA..then fifteen minutes later you are forgotten (unless you come back four years later for the repeat cycle). I like the unlikely fifteen minutes...or the unlikely hero. Like the guy who landed the plan safely after a bird attack. Or something along that line...seriously who has time to remember every fifteen minutes? Suddenly the world wants to tell your story...and you get to cut in line at the grocery store. People can go from an average Joe (the plumber) to a celebrity in minutes. Then the magic wave of pop culture flies over you and has to quit. (unless of course you are too legit ....)

I am a fan (facebook like) of the expression jumping on the bandwagon. I have no clue what that means. My friend Wiki said it has its origins in circus culture. It has to do with the excitement the circus caused when it would come to town with decorated bandwagons and the town would ooh and awe...and other fifteen minutes of banter.  Think of how Big Top Pee Wee abandoned growing hot dog trees to run off with not Rainman's girlfriend. (mmmm. Valeria Golino..the original Penolope Cruise) The band wagon was the talk of the town.."did you see the band wagon"..etc. Keep in mind this was way before iphones. Of course politicians jumped in on this idea (literally joined the bandwagon) and the expression stuck around longer than we could possibly understand the actual meaning behind it....much like the cast of the Jersey Shore.

Music even has a name for artists who suffer from fifteen minutes of fame syndrome...they are called one hit wonders. So if the only significant contribution you are going to make to music is wishing you were a little bit taller, Skee-lo, then please enjoy your fifteen minutes...unless of course Dancing with the Stars has run out of football players and Olympians. In Hollywood, the new comeback is called a reality show. When your fifteen minutes expires you can just wait another fifteen minutes then get your own show. How else do you think Tori Spelling has managed to stay significant. Once Donna Martin gave up her virginity it was game over 90210.

The same goes for fashion. Do you ever stop to think your gauchos are sooo 2005? Clothes can suffer from a fifteen minutes of fame tragedy followed by a reality show (or popular sitcom Al Bundy) style rebirth. (Bell bottom blues..don't say goodbye). When you are reading magazines and looking around at all your favorite stores..think of what you are buying now. Are you looking for a classic trench again this spring because you just didn't find the right one last spring. Then go ahead and spend away on that one...that will never go the sad way of the Starter Parka. (or the Charlotte Hornets....). Most sweaters..unless the classic cable knit V neck..are items you can purchase seasonally..and cheap. The eighty dollar Ed Hardy tank is not looking like a great clothes investment now, is it?  Today when I got dressed, I thought about my dedication to style and being trendy. While I can create buzz with my red ankle pants, it is the classic items like a great pair of navy pants that will keep me trendy. Sometimes being able to mix classic pieces is the best way to keep your perfect white button down from prematurely aging. It is like Diane Sawye interviewing Kim Kardashian..you know one is known for dependability and longevity and they are sponging off the other one's fifteen minutes (which is on minute 14 and a half). Next time you are somewhere like Target or Forever 21...purchase one item you think is too trendy for you. You know the thought "I am too (old, fat, short, nerdy, plain, tall, etc) to pull that off. Buy them cheap and wear them proud..because like the cast of Twilight (sorry Twilight fans!)...their fifteen minutes are ticking away.

My look today was purely classic. I wasn't going for my fifteen minutes. I was going for ageless. The combination of striped button down under a Vneck and navy pants is a look I borrowed from the guys. Menswear inspired looks are fun and easy to pull of because of their simplicity. My modern twist? I choose my sweater in this fall fifteen minutes of fame shade...red.






Sweater: Target
Shirt: JC Penney
Scarf: Gap
Pants: The Express
Shoes/Earrings: Dillards

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