Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Small Talk


I was thinking today about the lost art of small talk. Someone had said they were oddly shy in the strangest of situations. That really got me thinking about how we rely so much on small talk to get us through our day. Do you notice it is the people who have mastered this strange art that seem to get ahead in life? Its not always the smartest or most qualified people who are the managers and bosses...it is the ones who are the best at small talk. I will have to say, I am not one of those people. In my mind, I go over conversations again and again, kind of like a football team goes through game plays. lets see, I almost said the right thing there...then I ran of to the left on a tangent. You can tell by the obvious confusion in the person's eyes that I have lost them. Don't talk about your kids..don't. Ask about theirs..damn it.you idiot. That's pretty much how a replay goes in my mind. I know that I am not one of those normal person...you know one of those sports replaying, real housewives watching, team Jacob kind of people. While I have working knowledge on all of these subjects, I seem to get the same blank stare in my eyes when they are brought up.  Did you ever see that episode of Tosh.0 when the Turtle Kid got a web redemption? When he was interviewed about how he liked his zombie outfit..and his response was "I like turtles". I am the grown up version of the "I like turtles" video.

I know I am not alone...we the small talk challenged should band together for a session of awkward conversation. How do you like the zombies? I like turtles. Have you ever hung out with a group of nerds? Their voices filled with so much excitement as they discuss the hobbit to elf ratios of life? Its because when nerds get together we are happy there is someone else in our small talk challenged circles. Think of a job interview...its like small talk under the microscope. When you are small talk challenged, every conversation has the potential to feel like that. Sometimes I even feel like that when I am talking with my closest of friends. Its like I know what I want to say..but it just doesn't want to come out right. It is a jumbled version of what I was thinking. The less I know you, the more the jumble. I have said it a couple times...but I am a better writer than talker. Here I can arrange my thoughts into how I want them to appear and even choose my topics. I don't have to worry about the wild card factor of the other side of the conversation. Talk is overrated anyway...so when you see me with my headphones on deep in thought..tune into the blog. That is where I have my best conversations

I would like to have a little convo about my marigold paisley sweater. Yellow has become my new best friend. (we have long conversations about bananas and dandelions). Last time I paired it with a rich shade of warm purple. This time, I went with a cooler shade, peacock blue. I love the contrast of a marigold and peacock..it is a match made in jewel tone heaven. I did my pictures in a grain today. It is a representation of how small talk feels for me, not smooth but grainy. I guess the best thing I can do is try to lay off the small talk and let my color choices do the talking. What can I say? I like turtles.





Pants/Cardi: The Limited
Shirt: Old Navy
Belt/Shoes: Target
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Sunglasses: XOXO (Burlington Coat Factory)

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