Saturday, October 1, 2011

Singing in the Rain

Not really.

My Saturday morning began the way I hate Saturday mornings to begin....with an alarm clock! There should really be an anti alarm on Saturday laws in effect for the duration of the school year..just sayin. Let me fill you in on  a little known fact about me (sarcasm font please) I am not a morning person. I do not rise with the radiance and glory of the sun. I squirm and sigh my way out of bed. Luckily I am part of a family of sleepers. We should be called the Owl family..and not the Taylor family. Josh could hardly be bothered to move..and the girls looked at me like I was crazy when I told them it was time to get up. I mean really...who gets up at 8am on a Saturday???

Today we had a soccer game. While my kids show limited signs of athletic potential. Limited to the fact that Liv has a chance since she is small and fast...Layla..not a chance. And I say this in the most loving of ways. We all need to realize our strengths and weaknesses in life...I will tell you for sure mornings are one of mine. So I know that my Layla is a fantastic artist and a less than driven athlete. But, soccer is great exercise and it teaches the girls to work as a team. We are in this for the life experience. Today, I would have liked to not have this experience and stay curled in bed until my rightful Saturday wake up time...10 am.

Adding to the early wake up time was our dreadful weather. October has entered our grasp with full prewinter vengeance. The forecast: rainy..cold..40 degrees. That means there is a potential for...gasp..snow. (not the white fluffy Christmas snow..but the icy wet fall snow).  It is really hard to get out of bed knowing that 1) the mad dash to find all our soccer gear followed by 2) sitting in the rain for an hour watching the girls kinda play soccer.  (At least they enjoy their team this year)

8:00 am : The alarm rings. I immediately hit snooze. I get up wake the girls and jump right back into bed. While most people hit snooze and fall right back to sleep..I hit snooze and think long and carefully about what I will wear for the day. I think about what kind of day I want to have and how to dress accordingly. I know it will be cold and wet and my choices need to be more function than style. I also know that even thought I said very plain and clearly last night .."Make sure ALL your soccer stuff is set out in the laundry room since you have an early game." The girls heard....blah blah blah soccer..blah blah. As one can imagine...we were missing Liv's shirt and shin guards. Also, they needed to really bundle extra shirts and even gloves were involved.  I had to act there wasn't time to second guess any choices. I choose a Tshirt under a cozy ivory sweater. I knew boots were in the future so I wore a pair of pants that I could tuck into boots. (there is nothing worse than soggy jean bottoms). I choose a pair of utility cargo skinnies from J.Crew and of course a scarf. I decided this was not the time for cutsie rain boots ...I needed a real boot. One with fur and waterproof capability. I needed my snow boots. A couple years ago, I bought a pair of Keens...the only boots I have paid good money for not really caring how they looked. They have been worth it. They are waterproof and light I tend to wear them for days like this in fall and spring as well as in our winter deep snows.

Quickly throwing on my outfit..finding hats, gloves, socks, soccer shoes, shin guards, and of course making coffee, we were somehow mostly ready at 8:30. We even managed to find Liv's missing soccer shirt, of course, hiding under her bed. at 8:35 there was one last issue. I told the girls to wear hats so they wouldn't get sick. Layla complied immediately..she was already cold and we were inside. Liv was hesitant. "Wear this" I said..I gave her a hat she wore all last winter. "That one is too tight" she replied. "No it isn't" I put it on her head. It was a little tight..but not that bad. "It hurts" she replied. "FINE" i put the hat down and began digging for anther one Layla wore last year. "This?" I asked..holding up a floppy pink knit hat. "That doesn't match!" She retorted. "So!" I said. I was starting to want to hurt her. "Here, this one is really nice..and it matches." "o-kayyy" she hesitantly agreed. I put on the fits so I grabbed my coffee and went for the car. "Mommy," Liv called, " Do I have to wear the hat?" She wined. "Seriously? Don't wear the %&@# hat then!!!! (lets play guess the adult word I used here) Just don't tell me you are cold..IF you say you are cold one time...then you are sleeping outside tonight." I say in a complete fit of rage. "Mommy" she said. her lip is starting the famous quiver. "Just get in the car!". Ever heard of the saying choose your battles? I am not choosing this one.

Taken after the game..I am pretty soggy

Sweater: Old Navy - Fall 11
Tshirt: Gap - Spring 11
Pants: J Crew- Spring 11
Boots: Keen - Winter 09
Scarf: The Limited - Fall 10
Hat: Given to Layla
Umbrella: Jones New York (via Burlington Coat Factory)

_DSC0970.jpg _DSC0972.jpg

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