Wednesday, October 26, 2011

She Wore Diamonds.....

"She's a rich girl, she dont' try to hide on the soles of her shoes. He's a poor boy, empty as a pocket with nothing to loose.."  Paul Simon.

With the month of October nearing, I can only think of one thing. My birthday. November brings for me another year notched on my belt...more life experience had. November is when I reflect on what accomplishments I have made in the last year...and if I have grown any or taken steps backward. I know many people do this on New Years day..but I think of these things on my birthday. Anyone else who suffers through a sunless-winter in Youngstown OH knows that you don't make any sort of life changing decision in January...the only thing I decide is whether I can get up or call in dead. For that reason, and the fact that I just love to be different, I use the day of my birth as my time of rebirth. I am not one of those people who is trying to loose weight or quit something upon my rebirth. I am not crazy enough to think I can say something like "I want to loose ten pounds" and I will stick with that goal for an entire year. I am lucky if I can maintain any sort of order for an entire week, let alone a year. For me it is the overall picture. When I look in the mirror am I satisfied with what I see? Last November, I could honestly say I wasn't. I was in all roles I couldn't seem to play right..full time working mother, mother, former college student..all of these things that described me, could not define me. There is something about leaving your twenties that gives life more of a serious tone. You can't just spring out of debt, you can't just put on a pair of jeans from college, you can't just throw on a string bikini (unless you are headed to Wal-Mart), you are suddenly filled with these grown up restrictions. As 11.11.11 nears and I stare right in the cold face of 32..I can honestly say I am starting to move my way around these restrictions..and define my own path. 

"People say she's crazy..she wore diamonds on the soles of her shoes..well that's one way to loose these walking blues..." Paul Simon

When I was a kid, the only thing I really wanted to be was rich. I never defined what that meant..I just wanted to be rich. (or rich enough to hire a maid so I could show my mom how unnecessary cleaning my room really was.....) Now that I am older and much the wiser..I have revised my wish a bit and decided that being rich was not the same thing as being wealthy. Having riches is more about having resources..and I am feeling very resourceful lately. But, that doesn't stop me from dressing rich...or wealthy. I have heard people say "if I had money, I would dress nice too". I can promise you that I don't have much money..but I love to dress rich. Next time you pick something out at the store ask yourself if you think it looks rich....

Since it is Weds, I have more of my fantasy shopping list. I have picked out the first five items of my birthday wish list top ten. These items are all things that would make me feel rich to own..things that are elegant..classy and fun. Feel free to wrap with a bow and send my way on 11.11....

This dress opens sips martinis that it never has to pay for. I love the structured touch of the pleating combined with the femininity of the blousy sleeves. The touch of red makes this the perfect Holiday party dress....

Piperlime Dress

2. Rebecca Boots Fossil  
These boots are mahogany. Say that word sounds rich doesn't it. Rich mahogany..the perfect blend of brown and red. The color I want the hardwood floors in my house to be and the color I want to be wearing when I think brown boots. I have always liked the modern vintage look that Fossil brings. When I can afford it, I like to invest in Fossil bags, wallets, etc. They are both nice and made really well. I have been wishing for these boots from the time the first leaf fell of the tree....

Fossil Boots

3. Cozy Winter Coat. Modcloth

Imagine yourself near a bonfire. You gloved hands are wrapped around a cup of hot cocoa. You blow on the steam rising up from your melting marshmallows. You take a small sip and wrap your index finger around the handle of the mug..waiting to take the next sip. You other hand is free and immediately you reach up to give yourself a one handed hug. Your arm is cuddled in softness...but yet you look stylish and sexy in this amazing coat. I love the over sized lapel and belt on this coat. I picture this coat for weekends over skinny cords or during the week over a dress for work. I have been on the hunt for a great waist length coat for late fall/winter. I love this one from is my coat lust for the season.

Modcloth Coat

I recently found this line via Twitter. (who says social media isn't the way to go?!). This was the gold at the end of the rainbow...literally. I love the elegance of this cuff. The red sparkly gem in the middle of a beautifully structured gold cuff. You can wear this and a white Tshirt...and be ready to go out. I would love to pair this with a cream sweater dress and boots. Presently this little beauty is out of stock...but hopefully I am the first on the waiting list when she gets more. 


Hello darkness my old friend.... For those you who have never heard these word sung out of the amazing Paul Simon's mouth..then you are missing out. I saw him in New Orleans ten years ago. It was the Jazz Festival..and not long after I had fallen in love with Graceland.  When I heard Paul Simon was coming to my state on Nov 23.....I knew I had to go. I still haven't gotten the extra cash for tickets...
Paul Simon Tickets

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  1. I love that dress, its so nice and loose, love the colours as well.


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