Friday, October 21, 2011

No Pain No Gain

 I heard this interesting quote today about pain that really stuck with me. We need to be thankful for the pain in our lives because with out it we will never get stronger or wiser. If you think about it, you stick your hand in a fire, then without pain you won't know the skin is melting off. Pain tells you to remove the rock out of your shoe that is keeping you from taking anymore steps. Pain can motivate you toward an action that could simply be to avoid future pain. Either way, we look at pain as negative all the time rather than to find any positive in it. I know there are things in my life that have caused me pain. There are things like decisions I have made or accidents that I have caused. I like to think we just climb life like a tree..sometimes we set our foot on shaky ground and sometimes we get such a good grip on another branch that we are able to climb higher. Either way, I know that sometimes I do this blog to sort out any pain I have in my life and try to climb higher. Is there pain that has caused us to grow compared to pain that we will never understand why we were made to endure? There are growing pains and loss pains and physical pain. Either way, we have pain in our life to help us to continue to grow. Today, I may have put my foot on an unsteady branch. Maybe it was the long and dreary day and the idea that winter is looming in our path. Think of all the pain our landscape goes through with winter. Everything dies only to be reborn again in the spring. So when you put your foot on that space of dead air where you think a branch is and feel the pain as your hands slip off what you are holding on to, remember that the pain will help you be a brighter spring flower. I couldn't help but put some pics of my little monkey climbing a tree. I think kids are the most resilient to pain. They will bounce back from an upset faster and with much more grace. So maybe going into this weekend, we can all learn to be monkeys and climb trees and learn from our pain.







  1. Fantastic description of pain. Kristen, you are a very in-depth thinker. I am amazed at the quality of your writing.

  2. Thanks Carolyn! I have my soul searching moments. I have a good Liv tale coming up :)


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