Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Much love to the Ta-Tas


Hello gorgeous. and I am not talking about my wonderful breezy blouse from Old Navy..I am talking about this sunshine. For those of you who aren't stuck here in grey cloud that hangs over Ohio..aka Youngstown (that is actual scientific fact..not me being a smart azz), we had at least five straight days of rain and clouds. I am a sunshine girl all the way. Some people can function with a lack of vitamin D (vampires!) but I am not one of those people. I can take cold..but give me my sunshine.  The weather gods have heard my cry...they are predicting a whole week of straight sunshine. Watch out world my camera will be out in full swing this week! I was so happy to just wear a button down and a simple pair of Exact Stretch pants from the Limited. There was something about the sleekness of this outfit that made me feel so grown up. 

Today, I want to talk about boobies. Every time I put on a button down, I am forced to confront the love-hate relationship I have with mine. Let's face it, we don't life in a world that is patterned around someone wearing a 32DDD. I have never bought a bra just because it was "pretty" or even for that matter in a color other than nude puke. I have seen brands out there that advertise pretty bras for big busted gals...but I have yet to find one that I love as much as my nude number. It is a damn good thing that I am married..because I am no attracting anyone in a nude grandma bra. On the holds the girls in nicely. I do own one bra from the store that is besties to small busted girls..Victoria's Secret. The bra I have from there comes in porn star red and puts my boobs right under my chin..where I imagined they were ten years ago (or pre-children). At least for about an hour or so. Then the strap slowly slides and like there is a magnet in my belly button they creep that way.  My husband committed the number one sin in marriage somewhere in our first year. I did something i never do..I took my bra off to go to bed. I know there are some of you that do this the minute you walk in the door from work...and wouldn't think of sleeping in one. Well I have this crazy fear that my house will catch on fire and I will be standing in the front yard watching my house go up in flames..titties a flop in my bathrobe. For that reason, and the fact that they usually get stuck in my armpit while I sleep is why I have a dedicated "sleeping" bra. In our first year of marriage..I put on a Tshirt..bra less. Josh looked at me and said in a matter of fact way "Wow. I can't believe how much your bra holds those up." This was almost ten years ago..and I still will never let him live that down. Call it big boobie wrath. 

The love-hate relationship I have with my chest is something I like to joke about and nothing makes me laugh better than a good ta-ta joke. I started to write this and I remembered that it is October and it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I want to say in the most heartfelt way, I hope one day other girls like me with big boobie complexes will never have to worry about cancer taking that away. My mother in law is a two time breast cancer survivor so this cause is especially dear to my heart. I remember a couple years ago when she went through it a second sick and fragile she was as the chemo went through her body to heal her. I love her for the fact that I can still refer to my boobie complex and she just points out that she can take hers off at the end of the day. Detachable boobies..who would have thought. I would like to take mine off and make someone else wear them for a while...maybe one of you B cups. But in all seriousness...I fully support the fight against breast cancer...and I love this time of year when its seems like we band together as a nation..united in this fight. Have a great boobie month everyone

**Thanks for everyone who voted for my Lucky Article!!! I have at least four times as many votes as I did last time...and there are still 7 days to go. Win or is the positive feed back and support that makes me a winner (the money and job w/Lucky wouldn't hurt though)

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Shirt : Old Navy
Belt/Pants: The Limited
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Watch: Gift
Sunglasses: XOXO (From Burlington Coat Factory)
Shoes: Rocket Dog (From TJ Maxx)

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