Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lady Balls

Do you ever have those days when you just want to challenge the world? Everything from not letting aggressive drivers get the beset of me to asking for something you know you deserve. I felt a little on fire today. (and not the oh no my kids started school sort of fever fire). I don't know if no pants Thursday is really starting to show off my brass lady balls or if I just felt like I was a bit more in charge than most days. I guess I just go tired of I notoriously do. I made a  phone call to someone not in my immediate circle of two (exaggeration font) people I am comfortable talking on the phone to. Maybe my over all honey badger attitude (I don't give a shit) comes from the fact that in less that two days, I will be on my way to the sunny state of Florida to board a Disney cruise..(childless...weird). Josh and I are going to do wedding pictures so we are tagging along with a pirate themed wedding. My mind seems to have no idea it is going on vacation..we are just not in sync. But since I am in subconscious vacation mode..I seemed to feel like anything was possible. For example, when we got home from my parents, I asked the kids to do some chores and they just did it. There was no arguing, no whining...just compliance. They are in the almost perfect stage of helping out around the house. They are no longer at the baby stage where you let them "help" just to make them happy..only to have to go over what they did or your will find your underwear in the dishwasher. They aren't at the teenager stage where they figured out that cleaning is actual work...and give me half assed participation so they can go do nothing with their friends. (I know, I did it).

The next thing that defined my day was truly a magical shopping experience. I have been wanting a dress for a while. A super cute lace dress from MM Couture. It was sold out of my usual shopping go to, Piperlime. So I had to do the next best thing..Google it. I found a new company, Revolve Clothing. I had never ordered from of course I scanned the web page for a "email sign up" discount. (I usually hope for 20% off..but will settle for 10%). While there was an email sign up, there was no discount. Then I did my next...I Googled "coupon codes" for the site. A good shopper never pays full price. No luck..but I did see a shopping tip about emailing the customer service after the order was placed and they will offer a discount.  I didn't feel like taking too much time...they only had a Medium left..which means the dress was obviously close to being sold out. Then I saw a "live chat" so I nicely asked my representative, Ralph, if they did any new customer discount. 30% if you email customer service with your order number. Yes that is correct, 30%. I was so excited I could barely get my credit card in fast enough. Just as promised...I got my 30% price adjustment..and hopefully a dress I will love. (pics to come)

Feeling empowered doesn't have to be something huge. Today it was a little bit of sass that comes from not wearing pants combined with a subconscious vacation. It was a little bit of luck combined with some lady balls...and of course my favorite yellow sweater pairing with a pair of hot tights. Welcome to the weekend.


Shirt: Old Navy
Sweater/Belt/ Earrings: The Limited
Shoes: Seychelles (DSW)
Tights: Kohls

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