Thursday, October 6, 2011

Its good to be King

"Can I help it if I have some place in my mind, where I go from time to time?" (Tom Petty..It's Good to be King)


I can't stop emphasizing how great it is to see the sun three. I have had "It's Good to Be King" by Tom Petty stuck in my head for a couple hours now. Let me just tell you now..I love Tom Petty...if there was a term for people who follow Tom Petty and the Hearbreakers...I would be one of them. I have seen him in concert at least five times. (I stopped counting around Petty 07). I can tell you there is nothing like the feeling of the crowd mellowing out to a low roar moving into a unanimous chant "Petty", "Petty", "Petty"..only to have it answered by the first two strums of "Free Falling".  You know it...she's a good girl..loves her mama..loves Jesus and America too".  If you don't know it..then you are the only person there who doesn't, because the crowd has replaced the Petty chant with a sway..beers in the air..singing along. "Now I'm Free!!! Free Fallin".  Sometimes when I am having a long day or when I just want to be somewhere else, I imagine I am at a Petty concert.

"Can I help it if I still dream time to time". This is the third Thursday in a row i have opted for the skirt/dress. There is something about wearing a skirt that still makes me feel like a princess. I immediately twirl around in my bedroom mirror when I put it on.  Maybe that is why I love purple so means Royalty..and there should be somewhere we can go..even if it is in our minds where we feel like Royalty. I put on my new skirt from The Limited that I bought on clearance for $11. I made the natural assumption that gray would match the skirts lime and gray print. I tried a few gray shirts on..and I was just bored. So I did what any Princess would do..I put on a color that stands this case a florescent purple. Then I did my dance.

"Its good to be King..and have your own way. Get a feeling of peace at the end of the day." There is something to be said about relaxing on my couch while my two kids who couldn't be any more different go about their busy little lives. I had to give up my phone twice for their friends to get updated on what important things have happened since they left school. Liv's important things were making dates with her best friends and talking about what they were going to do..what can I say, she is a planner. Layla's important call involved a kid from her class asking her the ins and outs of the Warriors website (Cat Warriors..a series of books she is into). I thought today would be all about Liv being over dramatic since she is sick. It started with drama over taking medicine. "I don't like cherry, I like bubble gum flavor." She wined as she reluctantly gulped down a mini shot of that spicy cherry medicine down. "Just plug your nose, it will make it better." I insisted. "Its not my nose that doesn't like the medicine, it is my mouth." She says, pointing to her mouth. Something about eight hours of school topped with a little sunshine seemed to cure her. I guess that feeling of peace at the end of the day for me is relaxing in the sunshine while the girls play quietly behind me.

_DSC0396-3                      _DSC0390-2 _DSC0420-6 _DSC0407.jpg _DSC0374-1 _DSC0392.jpg _DSC0401-4
Shirt/necklace: Target
Shoes:Seychelles (DSW)
Skirt: The Limited
Hair Bow: Wholly Craft, (Columbus OH)

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