Sunday, October 16, 2011


"You have fear of the under you will not survive" Spoon- The Underdog


I was thinking today about the city of Detroit. Their football team is started 5-1 this year and the baseball team is in the playoffs. (There goes my extensive sports knowledge). Something positive has really come out of this sad, depressed city. Anyone remember the Cleveland tourism ends with "We're not Detroit!" Detroit has really gotten a bad rap in the last decade or so. But, I have been noticing those Chrysler commercials trying to show the city emerging. I really want to believe in Detroit...because honestly who doesn't love a good underdog story.

Today when we went to our own little underdog downtown, I couldn't help but to draw parallels between the depressed city up north and our depressed economy. Like Detroit, this area has greatly suffered with the decline of the auto industry. Jobs here are few and far between and really our future isn't shining brightly before us. I have been inspired by Detroit recently..if they can rise up then why can't we?  I have to believe that I am raising my children in area that is completely hopeless. Today, we went to the annual Pumpkin lighting in the one area of downtown Youngstown that feels anything but depressed. Surrounded by tiny little illuminated lights glowing inside of rain coated pumpkins, I felt like through the mist of the evening something magical was coming out. The rain and pumpkins were a symbol of what Youngstown is and what it could be..a light of hope in the pouring rain. Maybe I wouldn't choose to live here given anywhere in the world to go, but as we wandered through the art of the Davis center and looked at the tribute to the founders of the Mill Creek Park, I was amazed at what my city had to offer.

"I want to forget how convention fits..But can I get out from under it. Can I cut it out of me?" 
Spoon - The Underdog

In order to rise up we all have to find that little spark of hope. By cheering for the Youngstowns and Detroits of the world, I am also cheering for myself. I too have dealt with the crippling depression that my city faces. Before I found a way to release my creativity, I felt like my life was a bit dull and lacked much future hope. I saw myself doing the same thing year after year, settling into a way of life that was lingering somewhere in the middle of being and living. So just like Detroit, I have a little spark. I am glad to include myself in my ongoing cheer for the underdog.










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