Saturday, October 29, 2011


It is really nice to feel a vacation in my almost immediate future. Although as you remember from my last post vacation to Canada, that travel anxiety has to cause me to almost burst before I can even think of ordering my first tiny umbrella drink. This time I thought I had it under control. After all I had weeks to prepare. Its not like I had to wash and prepare my summer clothes. My shorts haven't seen any wear action in over a month. My tank tops are strictly worn under a sweater so the sweater fabric won't have direct contact with my skin. (my arms are on their own). Packing for a trip is a lot of do you pack a week's worth of shoes into one carry on bag? Unfortunately my entire shoe collection had to be put back and the packing had to be brought down to necessities (four dresses, four pairs of shorts, five tanks, three tees, one pair of jeans, three blouses and a cardi..and what ever I wear to the air port). Also included in my pre-vacation plans...take my kids to do something Halloween-y. Perhaps something fun enough to roll away the guilt from going on vacation during trick or treat time.  Combine that in with doing a two weeks worth of work before I can think of walking out the door on Friday...

I did manage to accomplish the things I wanted.

Well..not in the capacity i was thinking. The kids went a Halloween party...but they weren't quite what I was thinking. I told them we were going to a Halloween Party..Layla says "Well are we going to be outside? I am coming down with a cold. Maybe I shouldn't be outside".

Somehow Friday and Saturday molded into each other. They all became ways to get to vacation. Sometime in the car ride to the air port, I looked at Josh. "Liv's boots and jean jacket are in the back seat" She is being a cowgirl for Halloween..half her costume is in the car....welcome to my vacation.

Casual Friday this week meant one thing...high waist jeans. Maybe it was was my high expectations for the day...maybe it was the idea that I would never get all my work done by 5...So when I was sitting at my desk at 5:15 doing stuff for the first of the month...I knew at least I looked hot. I wore my high waist jeans I bought from the Gap for $4 (yes $4) and a great empire blouse. I guess I am going for casual Friday into causal Friday. I love the whole 70s vibe of my outfit. I threw in a scarf since it was the most wintry day of the season and I froze my butt off. All I could think was "tomorrow I will be in Florida" Since I will be floating somewhere in the Atlantic with limited access to the Internet..there will be very little posting. I hope my devotees can make it... I have a suitcase of great cruise worthy outfits packed...and some great pics to come. You can make it..only four days.....I can't say this enough. Thanks for following!!!














Shirt: Kohls
Pants: Gap
Scarf: H&M
Necklace: made at home
Shoes: MIA (DSW)

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