Thursday, October 20, 2011

Brush with Authority

Have you even been called into the Principal's office?  I had an early fear of authority in my life...teachers, police, principals, adults in general. I was always afraid I was doing something wrong and I was on the brink of being busted. I always had this fear of getting in trouble...or that someone was going to catch me bending the rules. As an adult, I still get a little nervous when I get too close to a cop car or my boss walks in my I bending the rules still? Today when the principal of the girl's school called..I immediately went to the childhood panic mode. He assured me they weren't hurt...but my thoughts didn't go to emergency. He assured me they weren't in trouble. I relaxed for a second. Wait..was I in trouble? I knew Olivia's school lunch account dipped slightly to the negative (by slightly I mean over $5)...but it had to be pretty low for the principal to call..he had left a message. He wanted to run something by me. Then my pride started to sink in..he wanted to tell me my girls were way too smart for that school..and should be in college prep courses..fully paid of course. (young Doogie Howsers). Then the real intention was revealed. Our local volunteer fire department was being honored for excellence. Olivia and another girl had been chosen to represent their class by giving cards to the firemen and he wanted to get permission for her to walk with the other kids to the fire station. No trouble, no injury, no early doctors..but my kid gets to represent the school in a community event? pretty cool.

The other news of the day: bitter nippy cold..check. Gray skies..check. Brisk wind and prickling mist flowing through the air. feels like the ugliness of fall has set in. Its that time of year where you wonder if it may be six days or six moths before you see the sun again. If there was a day where I could give myself an excuse to to wear pants it was today. No pants Thursday is in its fourth week..and I wanted to keep the momentum going. Since I have had my eye on all things maxi dress lately..I decided to throw a sweater over one of my summer staples.This is a great collection of some of my favorite inexpensive finds. Dress =$20, Sweater $10, Necklace $8, Boots $3. I loved how a plain black turtle neck added a sexy conservative look to an otherwise boho dress. For an extra pop of color I threw on my famous purple garage sale boots. It was a fun way to start an otherwise gloomy weekend.






Dress: Target
Sweater: TJ Maxx
Necklace: The Limited
Boots: Garage Sale
Watch: Gift

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