Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vodka Sauce Drunk

Question to parents. This may seem like the dumbest question in the hole entire history of questions..(according to Layla). But, is it safe for kids to eat Vodka sauce?

My evening started with a birthday phone call to an old friend that its been way too long since I last talked to.  Because its been too long and because I am kind of a Mom super star, I talked on the phone through getting the girls from CCD (catholic education), finding them in the their classrooms, coming home and meddling through the kitchen to see what I can pull together and actually be able to call dinner. Since I was on the phone, I was able to avoid the "whats for dinner" look, followed by the "whats for dinner" stance and the "whats for dinner" lingering in the kitchen. I averted all that distraction by giving them the "i will kill you if you miss behave while I am on the phone look" (note: that work is only about 50% effective, the other 50% came from trying hard to ignore the mass amounts of giggling coming from their bedroom). As I am thumbing through frozen chicken, frozen peas, canned corn, and noodles of all shapes and sizes. I decided to take the approach to dinner the way I seem to do anything else in life, I winged it (not made wings, but did something without proper time to rehearse). I threw some boneless chicken breasts in a pan with oil and garlic. Then I looked for the proper carb..rice? nah..spaghetti? hmm..we had that last night. baked potato? maybe. perogie? yesss!! so a grabbed a box of those mini perogies and sauteed them in a pan with broccoli, cauliflower and we can a) be healthy and b) spend the entire night farting.  By this time I was done on the phone and hoping the girls wouldn't notice or even better go play outside. While this was all simmering together in pan, I looked for the right sauce to tie it all together. Light bulb: there was left over vodka sauce from last night.  

Right on cue, Liv walked in the kitchen.

Liv: Whats for dinner?
Me: perogies
Liv: Layla doesn't like perogies. Cant we have Chef Boyardee? 
Me: No. that stuff is crap
Liv: Mommy! then why do you buy it?
Me: not sure. you aren't having it tonight. You will love these perogies, they are the potato ones. and I am making them with vodka sauce. 
Layla: We aren't allowed to have vodka sauce. It has alcohol in it. That's not good for kids. 
Me: Really? says who?
Layla: Daddy
Me: Daddy isn't here. 
Layla: you should call him and ask. Kids aren't allowed to have things with vodka in them.
Me: You will be fine. Its only the flavoring. Haven't you ever had beer battered fish?
Layla: no
Me: Guinness stew?
Layla: no
Me: Rum cake? 
Layla: no. those things aren't good for kids. 
Me: I think the alcohol cooks off of the food. you are fine.
Layla: just call Daddy. or text him. 
Liv: I will eat it
Me: of course you will
Liv: i want to try it. it smells good

I am looking at my pan of random things. The broccoli is turning that bright green color that means it will be perfectly steamed, the vodka sauce is bubbling lightly over the perogies. I am basically starving. Liv and I are fine with getting vodka sauce drunk..but Layla is very apprehensive. Should I push my child to eat something she feels is wrong on principal? If she were a vegetarian, I wouldn't make her a big fat steak. The dinner is already I just let her feast on the spaghetti Os. Clearly the vodka in my sauce cant be nearly as bad as whatever those mini meatballs are made of. The hunger was battling with my logic. Was this a no brainer I was missing because I was tired and hungry? Was I enabling my kids for giving them vodka sauce..or am I taking all of this way to literally. If it weren't for Layla, I wouldn't have thought twice about lathering their mini potato pockets in yummy vodka sauce. 

Liv looks at the pan

Liv: I don't see any vodka. I want to try it. I want to try vodka. I like that
Me: don't want to try vodka. Its not good for kids. but vodka sauce is ok
Liv: I made vodka on papa's ipad
Me: You did?
Liv: yeah. It was like ice cream
Me: what kind of game was this?
Liv: it was a vodka making game. I wanted to make more vodka but it cost a 1.99
Me: when did you do this?
Liv: like two years ago.

I raise my eyebrows at her. 

Liv: I mean like two weeks ago.

I let the girls eat the perogies with vodka sauce. I really hadn't used much and figured it would mostly cook off. Liv at her perogies without barely taking a breath. Layla took small bites of each perogie. I asked her if she liked them, she said they were "OK but she was worried that they were bad for her".

I cant help but wonder if the vodka sauce is a prediction for future behavior. Layla was apprehensive and cautious. When faced with something she knew was bad for her, she was adamant about not eating it. She didn't care if it was not what everyone else was saying in our house. Even when I said it wasn't that big of a deal, she backed away from doing it because she was sure it was wrong. Liv, on the other hand, couldn't wait to try it. She dove right in and ate it all up like the vodka sauce was the reason she ate dinner. She wanted to try it...mostly since her sister told her it was wrong. I can only imagine what these two are going to be like ten years down the road....

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