Monday, September 19, 2011

Role Reversal

Do you ever wonder if there will be a time when your children surpass you in maturity? Will it be an actual moment when you are snickering about fart jokes and they are shushhhing you. When they become teenagers, is their overwhelming embarrassment of you due to the fact that they think you are a joke? There are days when my silly antics will make them giggle and some days when they look at me like I am just not cool enough to get them.

Today was one of those days where I think the girls were way more grown up then me. Maybe it started with yesterday when we were about to go to my sisters. Living in a quint town with sidewalks and houses that are close enough to walk, I am fortunate enough to live less than a mile from my sister. I was going to drive there yesterday for a family visit. Once I mentioned it would be a great idea to ride bikes over there. Yesterday they were adamant about riding there.

Me: We should just drive. I am being lazy
Liv: But Mom, we should ride our bikes..please
Layla: its good exercises
Me: Okay. Get you shoes on. Liv grab a coat
Liv: I'm hot
Me: it may get cold later. just do it

We get to the garage. I look at the ceiling...the adult bikes are hanging from the ceiling hook

Me: I am not sure I can get that
Liv: Can you just walk?
Me: I can, but it will take a while. We should just get in the car. I am sorry, we can ride a different time. When Daddy gets home, I will have him help me get the bike down
Liv: Cant you stand on something?

I try to stand on a chair. I look at the bike. I imagine it falling right on my head

Me: no
Liv: Ohhh. Mommy. But you are strong. Girls are just as strong as boys. You can do it.

I look at the bike again. Stand on the chair to ensure balance. I look at Liv. She is encouraging me with her eyes. I press my hand against the tire as if to loosen it against the hook. I pull slightly. Not bad. Should I do it? It cant be that heavy. I think about what great exercise it will be to ride to my sister's. Inhale. Grab the bike. I take a deep breath and swing the first tire off the hook. It dangles. pretty close to my car. I steady it with my other hand, look at Liv then heave it down. My wrist goes slightly numb for a second, but I got it down fine. KJ the Riveter.

Since I don't go to bed well on Sunday nights, I of course was up late last night. Tonight after work I was exhausted. I focused my attention on my new blog..looked up templates I may like worked with names etc. Good thing I had that, the kids were unphased by me at all. When I got home from work they had already finished homework and went to Girl Scouts. Then they came home and played with Play-Doo with out even the hint of a fight. While they were playing I went to take a shower. I came out of the shower and Layla had her pajamas on.

Layla: Good night Mommy

She kissed me and wrapped her arms around my waist

Me: Goodnight Layla. Why are you going to bed so early?
Layla: Its late, I want to get a good night sleep. I was tired in school today and I want to be more awake tomorrow.
Me: big of you.

I think to myself that there is some alterior motive that I am missing

Me: Wait, make sure the Play-Doo is cleaned up before you go to bed.
Liv: We already did

I look at the table. All cleaned.

Me: OK. Goodnight

After Layla went to bed Olivia was bustling in the kitchen.

Me: Liv, what are you doing?
Liv: packing snacks for me and Layla tomorrow at school

Me: OK.

Liv: Can I pick out something to wear tomorrow?
Me: sure

Liv runs into her room (which by the way is completely clean) and shows me her outfit for tomorrow.

Me: Perfect

So at eight thirty, I can say both girls are in bed. I don't know why they are being so mature and taking care of things I am usually asking them to do. Is it possible that my constant nagging has finally sunk in? doubt. I am going to take today as a blessing and try not to question it.

I recently added the "quote of the day feature" to the right column. today's quote is very inspiring and I think it speaks volumes for what I am trying to do

"Some pursue happiness, others create it "


  1. It's scary when they're good isn't it? I love your observation that they just might surpass you in maturity some day. My kids are always lecturing me about my health instead of the other way around. I get all obstinate like a little kid and they get exasperated with me. Like you said, role reversal. Paybacks are a bitch.

  2. I know that will be me one day! I should have known today that Layla was sick...while maturity is her forte, going to bed early is not!!!


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