Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Moving on

What a long day!! I went to work, dropped Layla off at art then went to back to back orientation for the girls. It was awesome to meet the girls teachers, sit at their desks and of course catch up on the latest in Mom gossip. 

After all that, I apologize for my short but sweet post. I want to share some plans and thoughts with everyone. This pursuit experience has been so positive that is becoming clear to me where my path should go. I may now be on the pursuit to a couple different things that involve writing and of course being creative. One thing I want to do is another blog. In addition to writing about my personal experiences, I would like to do something on shopping and style. It is one of the reasons I started doing the Lucky articles. Hopefully I can get something together in the next few months. Feel free to toss me some feed back or ideas...I always appreciate it. 

Dont worry..I will still be on the pursuit of myself and I still have many stories to tell and hope to one day put together a book. I am just getting started...

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