Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lady and The Tramp

Remember that scene from Lady and the Tramp when they were eating spaghetti..."This is the night...such a beautiful night..." being sung in the background. There was this minute as a kids where you knew how wonderful it was to live in a world where dogs get to fall madly in love under a blanket of stars. Maybe this was when you thought that rich beautiful  can fall in love with poor street dogs. Who am I kidding...I still love that movie. Disney has that effect on kids

For some reason, when Layla brought home her latest work of art, I thought of Lady and the Tramp. It actually looks more like 2 Ladies...but I just for a second as I took in the talent that I still can't beleive my nine year old has..I thought of how much I loved Lady and the Tramp.


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