Friday, September 23, 2011

Its a nice day for a...Bright Wedding

I debuted the Magenta dress for my first wedding of the season. It fit right in with the wonderful colors I saw tonight at the wedding.  It was my cousin's wedding. I was pretty excited to see him get married...and we are always happy to have a new person in the family who can fit right in. On a day that could have been ruined by rain and grey clouds, we were saved by the color we wrapped our selves in. As you can imagine, I was pretty happy to wear the dress. I took this picture with my cousin Les and my sister Kim. I was pretty impressed with our great color dresses. My sister wore (a dress I frequently borrow) her Free People sunflower print dress. My cousin wore a zebra print dress (which I can't wait to borrow)with a cute subtly sparkly crochet black hat. also..note our great shoes!

Me, Les and Kim

I have to say the bride wore a shade of green that is not easy to pull off. It is that shade that is somewhere between a key lime and a chartreuse. Its funny, not may people can say they have been to not one but two weddings where the bride wore a shade of green dress, but I can say that I can...and both were beautiful. I know the wedding dress is supposed to be white, but I think anymore brides can do pretty much whatever they want. While the white wedding dress is traditional I think wearing a dress that is the bride's favorite color instead of what was decided centuries ago by men who were marrying virgins (who were like 12) and only lived to be thirty. So if I could do my wedding all over again, I would pick any color but white. Don't get me wrong, I love looks great, clean and crisp. But I really have to work to pull off white while some women can effortlessly pull it together. In the last few years, I have really put forth effort to make white work for me. (sounds like a metaphor for marriage in general!!). I will say, I don't know too many people that gravitate to a white dress (its called LBD for a reason). If I had to do it again (besides loosing like 15 pounds of new baby weight before I got married) I would choose a purple dress. Isn't purple the color of royalty, which is what every bride wants to be on her day. But that is my choice...

I think the sun came out right in time to set...which is the perfect backdrop for a wedding in the park. Since I wanted to keep up with the vibrancy of the dress...I threw on the new Leopard print cardi I got with my 40% off one item Old Navy coupon this week.  I kept it simple after that with a large buckle ivory belt and a pair of beige heels. I had a necklace on, but since I had "help" getting ready (Liv and my two and a half year old niece, Sammie), I took it off to change..but forgot to change. (see what happens to style after kids!!!). Although I will have to say there is nothing more validating that having an almost three year old around. I felt like a princess every time I put something on. As I slipped on the dress..."Looks great Kris!". As I put on the earrings "Very pretty Kris, there are two". Every girl needs to look at her self the way she looks to a little girl. So I slipped into my princess apparel...I felt as bright as the dress. I topped the dress with the leopard cardi since it was so chilly out. (fall is here!). I have recently gotten into leopard print. Lately, my formal style has leaned toward the lines of the 1940s...feminine and crisp..and there is nothing more feminine and crisp than a classy leopard print.

Dress: Express (currently on sale for $50...and they are having a sale 20% off clearance!)
Cardi: Old Navy (purchased two days ago)
Shoes: Vince Camuto (bought at Dillards)
Earrings: Charlotte Russe
Belt: Thrift store

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