Monday, September 26, 2011

Feelin Rusty

Another weekend over. Another day back to work. Its hard to imagine I crammed so much creativity into two small days. Today (well yesterday, considering it is after 1 am...) we spent our day in what can only be described as heavenly weather, at a birthday party. In fact it was so warm this weekend that Olivia's wardrobe was at its minimum. The girls are really getting into this idea that bras are awesome (I keep saying that they are in for a rude awakening when the boobs get here). Layla is pretty modest and especially mature about hers. Olivia on the other hand wears it loud and proud like any other article of clothing she owns. This weekend involved much discussion about the point of bras and the reasons why Olivia needs an extra small. Layla explained to me why you need a sports bra. "when you run, they bounce" She said, as if I would have no clue about this phenomenon. "Well", I said, "They actually don't really bounce until you are at least at plum status". Layla giggled. (Note: this comes from my earlier story about the birds and the bees...If you haven't read it...check it out).This weekend more than every she found  me very entertaining. There was the ride home this morning where I explained to her what "prairie dogging" meant. " I remember studying prairie dogs in school.' Layla said. "The pop their heads out of the ground." I then with out missing a beat responded..."Yes, imagine that being a turd. It pops its head in and out of your butt"..(we don't really filter on weekends). Layla was in hysterics about this and when Josh "disappeared" from the party we were at to contemplate at home..Layla was quick to say he was "prairie dogging".


Olivia's minimalist wardrobe was quite a contrast to my bright weekend style. I keep referring to her as a minimalist since I promised her anything dumb she does I will post right on my blog. It is an interesting punishment because I think the backlash is that she is pretty attention starved so she may feel this is a free for all to take her strong personality to all new levels. Yesterday, I was rounding up the girls to go to my sister's house. They had been playing outside while I was doing some work with our photography projects. I went outside to call for the second time (do any kids come running the first time you call them?) Layla was waiting for me and the garage. Liv came running up in her bra and jeans. "Where is your shirt?" I asked. She held it up from its spot being twisted up under her arm. "What? She responded to my dagger look. "It is hot out!"

Between all the bra shopping, prairie dogging and family time we had a great weekend. Josh and I took one step closer to our photography side project becoming a for profit project. We did a birthday party. I am realizing that taking pictures of children involves a comfortable but stylish weekend look. (shortie dresses not really recommended for all the bending over). I was careful to select jeggings instead of jeans because they are softer and more flexable. (and don't give you as much plumber crack as jeans). Today's style was perfect for a simple breezy child's birthday party in the park. I wore my gap jeggings, a flowy blouse and some gold strappy flats. My outfit pics are especially beautiful today for two reasons..(1) we took them in the park (2) we downloaded a trial version of Adobe Lightroom 3. The Adobe is a little out of my price range for editing software..but I want to try it then compare it to the regular Photoshop Elements. I am already in love with can see why.


Shirt: Target (fall 11)  $10
Pants: Gap   $35 (with Coupon)
Shoes: Target (summer 09) $5 (clearance)
Purse: Fossil (from Dillards) $25 (clearance)
Necklace/Earrings: Charlotte Ruse $15 (for both!)
Headband: Walgreens  $4

Total Cost: $94

**my sunglasses are perscripiton...they are my staple


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