Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feelin Blue


Today was promising to be extra dreary and rainy. I choose this shirt mainly because it matched the sky...slightly blue..slightly gray. I wouldn't have chosen to pair it with this skirt...I just happened to see it hanging there when I grabbed the skirt. Maybe it was destiny or serendipity that pulled these two items together, but in my mind it was a match made in heaven. I threw on my black suit jacket and I was out the door. When I did this photo shoot (I think Josh is really starting to catch on to taking my outfit pictures nicely), I put our mum into this little garden we have in the back yard. For all you that can recall the years of our "pool" and the long winter's fight that persisted between Josh and I as we would stare at the pool covered in leaves, then mud then snow, then more mud...only to create a giant mass in the back yard. This garden is what grew over that mass when a bunch of bulbs are throw in. I love the way it comes up every year...a total surprise followed by "oh we planted that". I think the mum added some nice color to the still vibrant garden..and when I was carrying the pot over one of the flowers fell out..making for a great prop.

I especially love this outfit because I feel great wearing both this skirt as well as a button down. For all the other big chested girls out know finding a great button down takes real work! Note to New York and Company: Bring back the plain Madison shirt in the 3/4 sleeve!!! I will buy every color. I love the Madison is both fitted and stretchy. It doesn't do that weird button gap thing that most shirts do when you are above a C cup. I love the belt...It was my grandma's. I always feel connected to her when I wear it...I remember how close we were when I was a kid. Now that she dips in and out of reality, I take the good moments. There was a time when she saw me wearing the belt (and also carrying one of her old purses). She just looked at me and said "That is a nice belt." The skirt was what I bought to wear for the job I have now. Call it good luck, call it bad luck..who knows..I don't believe in luck. I do believe in confidence, and this skirt gives me confidence every time I wear it. I love getting dressed up on Thursdays. It is like saying "welcome" to the weekends. Since we wear jeans on Friday, skirt Thursday brings a flirty fun aspect to my work week. And I got tons of compliments on the outfit...great way to end the dressed up Thursday!

_DSC0928.jpg _DSC0911.jpg _DSC0908.jpg

Shirt: New York & Co- Fall 10
Skirt: The Limited - Fall 09 (40% off clearance in store now or 25% off clearance online!)
Belt: Vintage (my grandma's)
Necklace: Target - Fall 09
Shoes: Rocket Dog (via TJ Maxx) Fall 11
Watch: Gift

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