Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Whats up with that

after a long day of reading

I am back. Went over the Canadian boarder and back for the first time in my life. Last night, I got to (for the first time in my life) see Niagara Falls. It is stunning. If you have never done so, I recommend doing it at least once. Also bring an umbrella. And be glad you didn't see in the news someone fell off the falls until you returned home.
The falls were stunning

I am happy to be home safe and sound in the good old US of A, but I can appreciate the beauty of all things Canada...especially the metric system. (does that make me un-patriotic?) I have missed my daily dose of writing therapy. For five days of no technology I used my original blogging journal. The pro of using a journal is that it is easier to transport than a can staple stuff to it (I like to cut out outfits from magazines) and it is OK to get water on. (or in my case beer). While in Canada, I did the one thing I enjoy most of all...laid next to water and read. (1.5 books!). So after five days of relaxing..its back to real life. More pictures and stories to come. Like many things (including my texting fingers) my writing is a little rusty.

Each night featured an amazing sunset
Now that I am back and my batteries are fully charged, I can reflect on the vacation. It was like the good old days how generations before us entertained themselves...when they weren't walking up hill both ways to go to school. When someone had a was the smartest person and not the quickest iphone that answered. Names were forgotten and movie titles were left unfigured the days of our childhoods. Did I mention all meals were prepared by someone not working at a drive through. Canada was different than real life....there were different complications (the toilet will not flush and my stomach is gurgling). It was basically summer camp for grown ups. There is no time out or "no TV" rule if they don't comply. There is the canoe of shame. this is a method when children are fighting over who doesn't have to ride with mom and dad and then you both end up having to sit there in silence while we row extra slow and lay on the guilt extra thick.

Since we were void of all technology and there was a good amount of us we had to rely on old fashioned, games, puzzles, books, booze, etc. During a marathon of go fishing Olivia wanted to play another game (maybe something she could win). A game dawned on us...a game she would be good at..something that required less skill and more improvise. That game is called Bullshit.  For those unfamiliar..the point of the game is to rotate cards to throw down (2 through ace) and if you don't have the card when it is your turn then you pretend you do since cards are face down. Then if the others don't believe you, you get called out..bullshit! If there was ever a game at any point in time ever perfect for a single person...than it was Bullshit to Olivia. And of course she couldn't get enough of that game. First she rotated sitting on some one's lap being their help, by the next day she was a full player. First the name was changed to BS so we didn't have kids yelling out obscenities (it the old fashioned equivalent to WTF). Then we started saying like "Liar" then my personal favorite "whats up with that. (think SNL mock talk skit.."whats up..whats up with that!")


I cant help but to draw parallels from the card game Bullshit and real life. I want to be able to use the Bullshit card when raising children. Yes Mommy my room is mommy I didn't hit Layla...Bullshit. Life should hand you a bullshit card. You should be able to call out with Liv would be so much easier. Its funny...the game she loved so much on vacation describes her best. The part where she used her birth certificate and cant remember where it is..(bullshit) the part where she is telling other kids about the time mommy and daddy took her to Florida (bullshit). Or the time where she came home from school with a stomach ache..only to convince her Papa to take her to Burger King for lunch. (more bullshit). So I guess when you spend a good amount of time pretending to be telling the truth...a game of lying suits you best.

 I had a wonderful time..and of course we took over 500 pictures.. I am going to spend what little is left of this evening going through photos. My TV is not happy to hear I managed to has now distorted the color and smells like it is going for suicide by burning.

Fisher Woman

Boating woman

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