Wednesday, August 31, 2011


"A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff" George Carlin

I am sitting here looking around my house at all the stuff we have. I can't help but to think of the great George Carlin who talked about accumulating stuff. "The meaning of life: trying to find a place to put your stuff".  

I find it comedic but also true how much stuff you accumulate. I am looking at the stuff on our ottoman..not sure what it is. a couple of kids books, mail that lost its way from opened to paid. (Que late fees)..a notepad so I can write stuff down that I wont forget (helps when I know where it is). To my left, there is more stuff. Clothes helplessly wait to be folded...two guitars waiting to be played. On the mantel is our important and a Happy Birthday Layla card from her first grade teacher. In front of me there is TV stuff. consoles, games from the game consoles, even games from game consoles we no longer have (RIP play station 1). There is a small TV (RIP grown up TV) and there is a couple containers filled with small TV stuff. Next to the TV there is workout stuff collecting dust. My weights are laying next to the yoga mat fighting over who will be used first (my bet: neither). There is my WII fit balance board...just waiting to double as a kickboxing and step aerobics work out. I look up at unused stuff. A bookshelf filled with the unreadable, the must be read again, the maybe the kids will read this and the great pictures books. They lean slightly to the side as if someone removed a few (Que ottoman) and left them sitting around. To top off the room of stuff, there is a clock that lost its will to tick five daylight savings ago. The kitchen is a collection of domestic, calendars, more books, aprons, and of course stuff. There are three containers of things that have no other place (tickets, pens, the prongs from our fondue set). There is stuff we think looks nice and needs displayed. (nice bowls, pictures, baskets, napkin holders. There is stuff that has a purpose and is used a couple times a day so its place is laying out (trash can, broom, napkins, baggies, tea, vitamins, bread, coffee maker). Then there is stuff that is never used, but has just not found a home. 

The bathroom is where you keep your grooming stuff. You need to shave, brush, pluck, pinch, pull, clip, wipe and wash your self clean. So there is face wash, mouth wash, body wash, hand wash, toothbrush, hair brush, lint brush, eyebrow brush, toilet brush, nail brush and maybe even a scrub brush. Then there are towels, hand towel, wash towel, body towel, hair towel and the towel that gets laid on the ground so the floor doesnt get wet. You look at the sink and it is filled with things that make you smell nice, make your skin soft, make your legs soft and make your hair soft. There is stuff that makes you eyes sparkle or your lips shine, stuff that makes your teeth white and stuff that makes your ass clean. There are places for your dirty clothes, your three curling irons, your bath toys, and your towels. There are places to keep the paper for your nose, the cotton for your toes, and the Qtips for your ears. (so wrong, but so right). The counter gets messy from toothpaste spatter, makeup drip, and little fingerprints. 

The bedrooms have your more personal stuff. You underwear your socks, shoes, clothes and a glass of water for bed. You have a desk collecting dust filled with bills that are unpaid, bills that are paid and ready to be filed, bills you forget to pay and bills that you may never pay. There are papers for trash, papers for news, papers for drawing, papers for printing, papers for wiping the table, papers for wrapping gifts and papers for doing things you shouldn't do. There are important papers with important stamps that you keep in important folders in your important drawer. There are pictures on the wall, pictures on the fridge, pictures in frames on tables, pictures pinned to a bulletin board and of course pictures in books and boxes. You have utensils for cooking, utensils for writing, utensils for drawing, utensils for removing unwanted hair, utensils for cleaning, utensils for playing games. There are blankets, bags, hats, coats, more bags shoes strewn about every chair knob and every couch back. There is dust settling on stuff for decoration and stuff that has seen better days. There are bins for toys, bins for mail, bins for games, bins for crayons, bins for unknown stuff, bins for stuff you should just toss, bins for summer clothes, bins for winter clothes, and even bins for cat toys. 

Somedays I look at all my stuff and get overwhelmed. If my living room were my inbox, I would go around selecting things for "trash" and all incoming stuff would be spam filtered and the stuff we don't need would immediately go into "junk". I don't know how we got so much stuff or what to do with all our stuff. Our stuff isn't organized or is our stuff neat. I grow tired of looking at all this stuff..and wonder what we can do to eliminate some stuff. Kids have stuff, dogs have stuff, cats have stuff, mommies have stuff and daddies have stuff. There is so much stuff involved with, well living I guess. Cooking involves a set of involves other stuff..having company involves displaying your best stuff and hiding your worst stuff. Some days I wonder what to do with all this stuff!!!

Have you ever noticed that their stuff is shit and your shit is stuff? George Carlin

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  1. STUFF!!! The bane of our existence. Occasionally, people have heard me screaming that "the stuff" has to go. I am in one of those phases now. We tackled the garage this weekend. Jack and I placed all of the "unwanted stuff" at the curb. People would stop and look through the "stuff" and ask if we were throwing it away. We told everyone to take whatever they wanted. Everything that was setting at the curb was taken before the trash was picked up Tuesday morning. I can't help but wonder if this "stuff" is now cluttering someone else's home.


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