Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some like it hot

I am officially convinced the key to a man's heart is to add Sriracha to it. Where the hell did this stuff come from? Its like tasting the inside of a pepper. All of a sudden everyone is adding it to everything. I made chicken wings...hmmm. I made Srircha BBQ chicken wings...OH MY GOD that is amazing. Its like some amazing magic potion you apply to food and it just makes it better. It is to food what a statement necklace did to the Tshirt. Having that magic bottle of red pasty stuff with the green twist lid and words in a language you will never understand makes you automatically a world class chief.

My go to dinner is pasta and veggies. If i was left to one thing to eat, it would be pasta and veggies sauteed in olive oil and garlic. I don't even care if meat were involved. I would just need a barely moo-ing steak and an order of chicken Mc Nuggets once a month and I am set. But pasta..rice..mmm carbs, I could never live with out.  So the other night I kicked up my usual, I am a great cook, really no I am not meal. I may have mastered the pasta, veggies, olive oil and fresh garlic menu, but tonight I took it to rock star status when I added a little of that magic Srircha.

I want everyone to know....and all members of the Taylor family can attest to this, I am not a big fan of all things spicy. I remember one of my many Taylor dinners. Let me paint a picture. I am from a structured we all eat at the same minute at the same table when prayers are said kinda family. We all waited until the last person expected to arrive was there. We set the table, spoons, forks, salad forks (exaggeration font) napkins, water glasses, etc. Then we all sit together, (sometimes kids are sent to a special area called the "kids table". Then we pray. Then we eat. Then we clean the table, then we have dessert and coffee. Well, imagine my surprise when I embark on a family that a) doesn't wait for anyone to start eating. b) eats fast and moves on c) doesn't all sit together. Its grab a seat, on the couch, on the floor, at the table, who cares. d) with no "kids table" or passing of main dishes. Its the Hometown Buffet to my Bucca De Beppo. At first I was holding my fork in hand, waiting to get the official "go ahead" to eating.

So now you can picture me in this setting of chaos compared to what I am used to. Well add hot sauce to that mix. My eyes water when I eat mild wings. At the bar I used to work at we had a hot sauce with that said "NO REFUNDS" next to it. For $30 I ate a spoonful of this stuff. (the pros of waiting on frat guys). It took me a week to get over that pain and twenty minutes to spend the money on a new purse. So when I found out every meal Taylor was covered in hot sauce, it took me a while to adjust. One time, they made some tortilla soup. "This one is really mild" they promised. My mouth burned two bites into it. My mother in law ate the no refund sauce where I used to work with out breaking a sweat.

When I ate my spicy pasta dinner, I came to the realization that I am finally growing up. I am finally able to eat hot sauce with out breaking a sweat. Maybe I almost have a signature go to dinner dish...and most importantly I impressed the most important Taylor.


  1. I love it. You are truly one of us now.

    Recently, while on a trip in Buffalo, NY, I had to sign a waiver to eat the "atomic" wings. I thought they were kidding but I was presented with the form before I could have the wings. I ordered six but could only handle four. They were too hot.

    Also, funny about the different way our two families eat. Apparently, your family eats like I was used to growing up. No food until prayer was said. My extended family was very large so we ate in shifts. The men were served first, then the children, and then the women.

    The first time I went to Jack's family for a Sunday dinner, I was appalled. I had never seen a table empty of food so quickly. I barely got anything to eat. At our house we were only allowed to take a serving when the bowls were passed. If we wanted seconds we had to wait until everyone had been served. Jack's brothers filled their plates with as much as they wanted and did not take into consideration that others still needed served.

    There were nine people in my family when I was growing up. Dinner time was at least a half-hour. We ate slowly and talked about our day. I thought all families did that. We had dessert and then my dad and grandfather smoked a cigarette each while still at the table.

    And, between you and me, I think I will surprise everybody the next time we eat together. I have a dining room and I am going to force the adults to eat sitting at the table. Eating as we do has never been acceptable to me. I am going to make the change.

  2. How funny! i never rely thought about why you ate the way you did. I always figured it was because you had six kids. I will be interested to see the dynamics that come about from us all eating together at the table.


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