Thursday, August 25, 2011

Share Your Thunder

I was watching the show "Happy Endings" on ABC. If you haven't seen it..I highly recommend it. I think it speaks to people my age..early thirties. (very early). Or really anyone else who would think a "Color Me Bad" reference is funny no matter what. The main theme of tonight's episode had to do with one sister stealing another sister's thunder. The older sister was this A type who was always planning and organizing things..and her little sister would jump in at the last second and win everyone over. I don't know why...but I found myself crying (PMS?) at the end of this episode. They finally come into conflict and the older sister confronts the younger one about how she is upset her sister is constantly "stealing her thunder".  So the younger girl writes her sister a letter saying she is sorry for always doing this and how much she admired and wanted to be like her sister. It was one of those moments where I was filled with these memories of my sister and I growing up. I don't know if I craved that feeling again of being a child...not having to worry about much and spending endless days just playing.

First off, what the heck does it mean to steal one's thunder? Thunder is awesome, don't get me wrong. There is nothing like the feeling of an upcoming thunder storm to relax me. Being a total night owl (a phrase that actually makes sense), I find the only way to fall asleep with out tossing and turning is by the calming chaos of a thunderstorm. Apparently Liv also feels the same way..she comes running down the hall at 11:30 to announce she almost fell asleep...but needed a glass of water.  So I wonder who steals Thunder? Rainbow Bright? (best cartoon ever) Don't we all share thunder? I can understand stealing glory or stealing the spotlight but I would love to find out the mystery behind why we stay steal some one's thunder (wiki-what!)

I thought about times when my sister came along and stole my thunder. I remember the feeling of total thunder being stolen when she came along. Me (to my mom): Are you holding her??  Its not like I was ever envious of her..I was just a bit of an attention hog...and until she came along it was all eyes on me in our house. I remember a time when we were in our basement riding bikes. (winters in Ohio get boring). I had my little bike and she was on some sort of riding a bus or something. I was enjoying the limelight of being the master of the bike..the one who was especially skilled in the art of basement biking. I want to say I was about 7 and she was about 3. Then she comes along with a collection of sunglasses, necklaces..etc. Looking back..she looked darn cute. It was pretty funny. All the laughs turned to her. She just scooted around the corner on her little bus with her pajamas on and all this embellishment..just hamming it up in the spotlight. Being the big sister...I manipulated her to pass over her things. I took the sunglasses, the necklace, the hat. I did not however get the response she did.

I look at my girls. Liv is by far the show stopper. I wonder if deep down Layla gets the feeling her Thunder stolen. Did this little sister come along and take away from her cuteness (hardly). Does she even remember the time before Liv came along. The age difference between my girls is twenty months..the age difference between me and my sister is four years. So I had time to cultivate my little personality. Layla may have been born an individual..but she really didn't have much time to come into her own. She had us for a year or so..but part of her individuality always existed because of her sister. And...if anyone will ever be the "A" type it is going to be Liv. I hope there is no thunder being stolen in my house..but as parents can we control our reactions to each child. We feed off of them..cuteness..individuality..smartness and smart-assness. So I guess it is a commonplace for one child to feel the other steal their thunder..

So maybe the crying was a little far. Although I will tell you..I am a crier. Just show a newborn...with their soft little a commercial and I am a misty mess. I think of things at times and get emotional. Sibling dynamic is one of my sensitive topics (right after Steel Magnolia). I would like to think there is no need to steal each other's thunder. Thunder is heard by all..and is much better when it is shared.

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