Monday, August 1, 2011

The First of Tha Month

aSo wake up, wake up.....

Yes..its true. I sing that song every month on the first (and 15th). Why? because that is when I get paid. And at nearly thirty two years old, I am still living paycheck to paycheck. Remember when we were kids and we figured we would be living in a mansion by the time we are thirty...and some of you are..but not me. I got to thinking about having kids and the responsibility...and of course the expense they come with. Its not like I want to be a payment behind on every credit card, or still leasing a car. I still cant believe that the last time I had a walk in closet we were still getting ready to party like its 1999. For two years, I didn't have to worry about constantly explaining to Olivia why Mommies have to shave their legs while showering.  All this aside...the little money suckers I live with (and I am talking about my email inbox) have gotten me really thinking about what it would be like to not be broke.

-Olivia would be able to get all 200 items from her Toys r'us wish list....well at least the important items that she really an ipod touch and an electric scooter.

-Back to school time would no longer be known as "oh crap..I hope jeans are on sale for $4" time of year

-Buying school supplies wouldn't mean we don't get to go out to dinner for two weeks

-Starting school...and all fees associated would not require holding off until the last minute so that the payments can span over two paycheck

-Christmas time won't require a second mortgage

-Dinner and drinks with friends don't have to be drinks with friends on dollar beer night

-Finding dress pants for $25 at the Limited takes a second (or third) though before buying

-Diets would be easier since the value meal at McDonald's doesn't have to be "too much of  a deal to turn down"

-Dinners out won't be decided on what Groupon has that week

-Your kids style wont be referred to as "Garage Sale Cool"

-Due to HSA must be near death to go to doctors..unless it is that one year physical

So if you are like me...wondering if it will ever get just a little easier. (there is always the power ball). Maybe one day something will get paid off..whether it be that college degree you aren't using, or that credit card that is still carrying last year's Christmas gifts..You just keep counting the blessings you do have and be glad the house is "cozy" and you get to spend so much quality time with each other. Still...there is the song of relief know the song ..Wake up..wake up...its tha first of tha month.

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