Monday, August 29, 2011

Countdown to September 6

I am relaxing on the couch..the house completely to my self thinking about the chaos that will ensue next week at this time. I imagine an utter cluster (you know what) of last minute worries. "All the paper towels, tissues, wipes and supplies won't fit in my book bag..and the paper  says the have to be there on the first day" (Layla). "Can I wear this?" Olivia (wearing her Easter dress with leggings). "Oh crap, now I have to start getting up early again. (Josh-in his mind) "Wonder if my black work pants will fit tomorrow or will I have to wear my Monday pants" (Me).  Despite all this chaos, I am more than ecstatic for my girls to go back to school. I look at their little heads and see the soft spot from birth reforming with the lack of new knowledge obtained lately. So here I am thinking about the pros and cons of back to school time.

Well the obvious..they aren't here all day. (can I get a hell yeah!!!). Don't get me wrong, I love my kids. They are entertaining to be around and they are well mannered and well behaved.....most of the time. But having them around the house all day and all night with out any real break from well the house, it wares on us all. Sometimes I think they get so tired of being in our house..they resort to running around, chasing each other, compulsive giggling, excess tickling, or fighting. When I turn out the lights and close my eyes, I hear echo of my voice which I now can't stand, saying "Girls, settle down. Girls settle down. I said settle down." I hate this sound. It is like nails on a chalkboard or even worse listening to Justin Beiber over and over again.

Order will be restored. Let me be the first to say, my house is never really cleaned. Sorry. Even when it is scrubbed from closet to corner it still just looks messy. Unfortunately that is how it is. I am not the most neat person nor did I marry the most neat and organized person. So there is always the random basket of random things. (keys, coins, stickers, expired credit cards, 32 cent stamps, extra Christmas light bulbs, lip gloss, plastic rings, silly bands, pen caps, etc.) There is always the shelf of oddly shaped items we have no need or place for. Most people put these things in something called a "closet". Well our closets are littered with random things we haven't used in about five years. For example we have a closet we refer to as the "diaper" closet. That's because it still contains diapers. (yes my kids are 7 and 8 and yes they are potty trained). So when I say order will be restored, I mean their rooms may remain cleaned for longer than twenty four hours. My rule for the summer was "clean your room before playing any video games". Simple enough...except it really doesn't count as a rule if Mom isn't here to enforce it. So daily chores kinda move to weekly chores. I randomly come home to stuffed animals strewn about the floor (Layla), paints open and laying out on a table (Layla) stories half written all over the bedroom, living room and kitchen (Layla). I often see clothes left abandoned as if they tried on and replaced (Olivia) Barbies left in compromising positions (Olivia) and candy stowed away for later enjoyment (Olivia). I assume the house will always be a bit on the chaotic side, but I would like to even out the balance of hours spent at home creating messes to 2-3 instead of 7-8.

My grocery bill will go way down. I know there are school lunches, school snacks, juice boxes, after school snacks, etc. But nothing compares to the eating capacity of two growing girls that seem to think that snack time occurs every half hour. I imagine them sitting at home eating everything from our now twice a week grocery runs. My favorite is when I come home from lunch, have a full out family lunch, get ready to leave and hear "Mommy-can I have a snack?"

Video games will be put on pause. This is my favorite reason for returning to school. Would it be the end of the world if the laptop, WII, DS, Ipod touch, Leapster, etc got to take a rest. My children are really only thinking of one other thing besides food...when can I play the Computer/WII/DS, etc. Their little eyes are permanently glued to little arrows moving some virtual animal to some unknown kingdom. (What the hell is a moshi monster?????) So now the electronics in our house can take a much needed break from their summer time over use)

First day of school 2010
My mornings will become our mornings. Every morning this summer, I have enjoyed a quiet hour (who am I kidding, half hour) of solitude before I head off to work. I am not brushing hair, picking out outfits, tying shoes, yelling things about homework and bus stops. My summer mornings are literally stress free (well, when I have my work outfit pre picked out). I don't have to remind kids about what time it is, listen to Wiki-Layla spout off random facts or wonder why my husband has to "contemplate" on the toilet every morning at seven-fifteen. For the next four days, I am going to enjoy my kid free morning.

My laundry load will go up. Summer = less clothes and NO socks. I generally try to keep four swim suits per child. During the summer, the wardrobe rotation starts off as these four swim suits rotated over seven days. Throw in a pair of shorts over the suit or perhaps a tank top and you are set. I can realistically wait for two weeks and fill up one load with these items. When school starts, this changes. Flip flop wearing turns into socks and shoes. I don't know if there is a sock monster present in anyone else's house, but here he steals sock matches. Every morning at seven twenty five, I hear Josh calling him a sonofabitch while he is digging through clean laundry to find a pair of matching socks. According to Olivia, Justice for Girls sells socks in unmatching format. We have the jackpot here. As soon as school day 1 hits, the laundry doubles. The girls must now wear: shirt, pants or shorts, socks and shoes. Then they come home from school and change into play clothes (not to be mistaken for gym clothes). No matter how much I say "jeans can be worn a couple of times" all these things get thrown in the laundry when they are in a rush to tidy up.

I guess it is time to move back into our fall routine. I am pretty excited for the girls to get back to a normal schedule. So when Girl Scouts, Gymnastics, CCD, Art Classes and soccer are in competition with homework and sleep and we cant get a minute to say hi to each other, I am sure we will miss the lazy days of summer. But for now, we are ready for the change.

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