Monday, July 25, 2011

You Don't Know What Love is

Last week, I posted a list of songs that inspired my drive home from Columbus. I really enjoyed reading everyone's feedback. Since I love music and sharing my thoughts on music so much..I have decided to do a song of the week. Enjoy!

I knew I was going to do this all week. It was a week of ups and downs as well as different experiences. I spent some quality time getting to know my husband all over again. We dated like children..where we took adventures together. We were inspired to finally follow our creative dreams..his being photography mine writing. This was especially amazing because of how long we have been together..nine years..and how much of that was with children. We dated for less than a year when I got pregnant with Layla. We were married the following fall. Our whole married life has revolved around raising and tending to our children. It has never really been the two of us..more like the four of us. We don't really take vacations together..or even dates for that matter. So there is a part of me that worries what life will be ten years from now when our little birdies are ready to fly away. Will we realize then that we have absolutely nothing in common? Will we still not have the money to do the fun things we always say we wanted to do? Will we still love each other? Marriage is never easy and asking the questions you don't want to face can be the hardest thing ever. This week I was able to put some of those fears aside. Hanging out one on one with Josh made me realize that we have a lot in common and that once the children aren't our whole focus, we will have things to pass our time. So inspired my song choice:

-You Don't know What Love Is (You Just Do As Your Told) - White Stripes. I am not just choosing this because I absolutely love the White Stripes. (and am not ready to discuss the break up). Jack White can do no wrong. His vocal inflection is both creepy and sexy. The vocals take on such a childish taunting that the person is being scolded for not understanding love. The song has the White Stripes signature, that guitar that Jack makes all his own.

This week, I spent time with so many couples whether it be friends, family, or even in the movies I caught up on. I realized that love isn't an immature thing. People sometimes cling to what they think is love in fear of being alone or for fear of change..or for many other reasons that don't make sense when you really think about it. Love isn't about sex, compliance, status, beauty, money or even security. Love is about being with someone..that one person you cant live with out. "You just keep on repeating all those empty "I love yous", until you see you deserve better I'm going to lay rig in to you".  This song is about scolding immature love...and I think the reason so many couples don't last is because of an immature approach to love. I am not perfect, neither is my relationship, but the times I have looked at it with grown up eyes are the times it has gotten better. "You don't know what love is, you just do as your told. Just as a child of ten might act, but you're far to old. You're not hopeless or helpless, and I hate to sound cold. But you don't know what love is"  So i hope that all the love around me lasts, and is not ended by immaturity. And if you aren't with the person you know you should be..then make that changes. Life is too short not to spend with people you want to be around.

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