Monday, July 25, 2011

The Summer Weight

I really don't get how a person gains weight in the summer. I am active, sweating more, drinking more water and generally doing things that don't involve living on my couch. I haven't watched a full week of TV since Memorial day. The girls have insisted on bike rides at least three times a week...and I have gotten Mr. Anti-exercise to join with us. So still when I stepped on the devils back (the scale) it revealed that I have gained eight pounds. Not only that buy my work pants are either creating a muffin top or a camel toe. (so classy). You can play quarter toss with the gap between the second and third button on my work shirts (even classier) and I have had to pull out the fat sucker suit  (that uncomfortable thing i wore post baby to keep the lumps and bumps in check). My bra is revealing quad boob and back fat...and there is a level of jiggle forming on my thighs that I can only poke with a fork and laugh at. I am getting secretary flat ass from sitting in an office chair all week and the area below my belly button looks like I am having the "stay puffed marshmallow man's" babies. What I am trying to say is over the last year I have really let myself go. In May 2010, I ran a 13 miles to complete a half marathon. In May 2011, I cant even run a mile. I used to go spinning and kickboxing twice a week and do Winsor pilates every day. Now I cringe at the word "exercise" and "diet".

My next thirty day project doesn't require an every day requires an adjustment to my current lifestyle. Today Josh and I took a bike ride around town and went for a hike. None of this felt like exercise. This is the catalyst for my lifestyle change that involves loosing 15 lbs in the next two months. As I sit here chomping on cheese soaked nachos..I know some things are going to have to give.

-Dinners out are reserved for special occasions. Summer has led way to lack of cooking. Not sure if it is too hot to run the oven or if there is so much packed into a typical day that we are driving through dinner every night. We are going to have to cook..healthy and more often. In the season of fresh veggies and fruit and of course the grille, there is no reason to be eating out so much.

-Cookouts are not an excuse to over eat. Ahh..the dreaded cook out. Hot dot? hamburger? probably both. Did I miss that pot of pulled pork? better have another sandwich. Then there is the creamy salad haven..potato, pasta, cole slaw, mac and cheese. With all that creamy goodness..there is hardly room for fruit and veggie salads. Time to watch cook out portions. More veggies and fruits..a small helping of one creamy salad and of course only one cook out meat.

-Dessert is not required. Cookouts, grad parties, birthdays, weddings...why does everything summer involve dessert. Cakes, cookies, pies. They are everywhere I turn. One dessert from now on and in a tiny portion.

-Beer Belly can be avoided. Summer and beer drinking are like Christmas and presents. They go hand in hand. You cant stop at a friend's house to borrow a ladder with out being offered a beer. So now I am going to limit beer to only one day. (challenge!)

-Exercise should be fun. Running like a hamster on a wheel is not at all fun. Riding a bike that goes no where is not fun. I am not sure what real life activity an elliptical simulates but that is also not fun. While out on a bike ride, I realized activities like biking and hiking are more for me. I am out moving and sweating. We hike to take pictures and bike to go I am exercise productive. I also enjoy playing games on the I am investing in some boxing games.

- Food should not contain a million ingredients  Contents in carrots...carrots. Easy enough. processed food contains so much sodium which causes water retention. Soda is terrible for you. Anything frozen then deep fried is bad news as well. Everything I eat from now on will be prepared from basic fresh ingredients. No more mystery meat and sodium dinners.

Easy enough right? Lets see how this new lifestyle plan coincides with my summer. I have buttons popping off of jean shorts and lumps and bumps where I never imagined possible. Time for a change.

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