Saturday, July 23, 2011


I just woke up feeling like I slept for a week. This is the one fantastic thing about not having the kids around...its not the sleeping in but the quality of sleep. We stayed up late last night..maybe until after 2. But, it really didn't matter since I knew that when I went to bed....I didn't have to wake up for anything.

My girls are self sufficient now, they make their own breakfast, they watch TV until we get up on Saturdays. They know that Saturday is mommy's only day to sleep in and are respectful of that. Normal Saturday sleeping in is usual 9am...10 tops. I wake up with a sense of urgency...what are they doing? are they fighting? why is it so quiet? I usually come to the living room, rubbing my groggy eyes, to find two girls sitting on the couch together engrossed in Sponge Bob. Their breakfast bowls are always still on the table and the cat is trying to climb up to lap up the extra milk. Even knowing this is what every Saturday morning starts with at our house, I still wake up feeling like they may need me.

Last nights sleep was uninterrupted by the feeling of being needed. I even dreamt they weren't my subconscious knew that I didn't have to worry ..they are away. The Saturday morning, I don't have to be anywhere, sleep is the most refreshing night sleep I have had in a long time. I just drank in a nights sleep equivalent to a ten hour energy the question is..what to do today?

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