Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Shoelace Incident...Part 2

I just went to the bathroom to find a single round turd ball floating in the toilet and two unanimous denials when I asked who forgot to flush. It sure is good to have them back.

So we left off Olivia had one up on me. The story was getting no where and I was no closer to finding my shoelaces then the moment I discovered their absence. My Mimi always told me when I loose something to retrace your steps and you will find it. It is always my first logic, but when Olivia is involved all logic is thrown out the door. If you are just tuning in...this story will make more sense if you check out Part 1.  

This isn't Days of Our Lives or Guiding Light. Once upon a time I was a stay at home Mom-and yes I watched Passions. There isn't going to be an elaborate recap...just Me, Olivia and a set of missing shoe laces. We go now to Olivia's bedroom where she is recapping a play scene that involves her ever expanding collection of Littlest Pet Shops and of course the shoe lace. 

Me: So then you put the pet shop away? because of course you put all your toys away when you were done playing
Olivia: yes. I get the string..shut the Pet shops. 
Me: What did you do next
Olivia: I asked you a question. "Mommy, can I have a snack?" you said yes. So then I went to get a cookie..oh wait that was when we didn't have cookies...so I got something out of the cabinet. I forget what it was..maybe a bowl of cereal
Layla: Get on with the story
Me: So you had the strings when you had the snack?
Olivia: Yes. I promise I didn't put them in the bowl of cereal. or whatever I had. I got done with my snack and still had the strings
Me: Then what?
Olivia: So then Daddy says it is time for bed. So I run to the bathroom (she runs to the bathroom). brush my teeth and say "goodnight Mommy".
Me: Are you still holding the strings?
Olivia: you didn't know I was holding the strings. So then I kiss you goodnight (she kisses me) and I ask Layla the same question I ask her every night. "Layla can I borrow Tangled" 
Layla: no
Olivia: please
Layla: no, its my turn
Olivia: Ok
Me: who ended up watching it that night
Olivia: Layla, I really only get to watch it on weekends. So I go to bed. (she is laying in bed with the light off). 

Me: So you slept with the string?
Olivia : yes

Score Olivia 4 Me 2

I now realize this saga will span across another day...more actions to recreate..and more of the mind of Olivia to be unfolded. Olivia is simulating sleep. She then indicates a new day has come and she will have to go to school. Sometime during the school year, I put an alarm clock in Layla's room. I work at 8 and the girls need to be on the bus at 7:30 (something that happens once a week, tops). My house is complete chaos from 7-8..three girls..one bathroom. Usually this is when Josh decides it is "morning throne"time (about 7:15-7:25). Layla, the only practical one in the house, realized if she gets up at 6:48, then she can be ready to catch the bus with out being in any one's way. So she gets up then, and attempts to wake Olivia every morning. Layla has now become part of the simulation

Layla: (still in her cowgirl outfit)  Olivia wake up. Its 6:48
Olivia: can't I sleep for a little bit
Layla: O-Livia get up now
Olivia: (groaning) O-K

Olivia gets up and walks toward the kitchen
Olivia: So I go to the kitchen. but I realize I had the string, so I go back and put it under the bed.  
Me: So its under the bed?
Olivia: No. I set it here while I picked out something to wear. You are awake now (she puts the fake string on her dresser). I pick out this (she holds a yellow tank top). No not that (she throws it on the floor) I pick out something (next shirt..floor). 
Me: Ok, don't make a mess
Olivia: so then I pick out something..grab the string then I get my shoes on, brush my teeth, eat my gummy, (vitamin) and try to brush my hair. but I couldn't , so I ask you to help me and you put my hair up like this. (she points to her half pony tail)
Me: So this was today?
Olivia: no. wait no. I didn't ask you to put my hair up. So I brushed my hair and put my coat on, got my book bag and it was about 7:29. So we had to make the bus really quick. We were rushing and daddy was driving. 

Olivia is now bouncing up and down as she is telling the story..up down, up down, up down. 

Me: did you jump to the bus stop?
Olivia: No. so then we were driving..then we were on the bus. 
Me: So you took the string to school?
Olivia: no..no. wait, wait. So before we left for the bus, I put the string here (under the bed) and I went to school. Then I got to school. Did some reading, went to recess, Yeah!, did some math, boo, did some spelling then got on the bus and came home. Papa picked us up and I asked him to stop home. So I got the string we went to Papas. I was really tired..so I tried to take a nap, but Layla had the TV too loud. I asked her to turn it down...she said no...so I couldn't sleep. Then it was time for our Daddy to pick us up

Me: Wait, Daddy didn't pick you up. You had girl scouts. 
Olivia: Oh yeah, before we went to Girl Scouts, we went to Burger King. I played with a little girl named Layla..oh wait. Her name wasn't Layla, it was Katie. But then she had to leave so we played for a little bit longer
Me: wait...did you have the string during all of this?
Olivia: Yeah. It was in my pocket. I didn't show anyone
Me: Both strings?
Olivia: Yes. So then we went to Girl Scouts. I took my Coke with me. Our leader said I could have it. Layla wanted some so I gave it to her. We glued our hands (felt ones for their banner), I didn't get to finish mine, but that was ok. I ate crackers for a snack. Then you came and got me. 
Me: You still had the string?
Olivia: Yes. So then we got home. Layla was coloring, and I was sitting on the couch with you. You said "how was your day?" I said "it was good". So then I went to my room and I was playing with my stuffed animals. (she simulates playing with two stuffed Nemo fish). 
Me: did you have the string
Olivia: yes. (she pretends to tie a string around her bed) I was playing with it. I play for a bit. You say "its time for bed" I have a snack, brush my teeth. And, here's the hard part, ask Layla for tangled.  She says no. Then I go to bed. 
Me: with the string?
Olivia: Yes

Ok, you get the point now. The string story has now spanned over not one but two days. I have followed Olivia through her simulated day for what seems like forever. Every little detail and every action has been recited. Yet, I am wondering if the string has ever been part of the story...or if she lost it and is afraid to tell me. Even worse, I wonder if she has any clue where the string is. I am amazed by her story telling, her attention to detail and her portrayal of every minute of her day. We think of our days long, boring, tedious, but listening to the account through a child is so much different. Has this been any closer to finding the string? not at all. Olivia is staring at me..mentally drilling me to give her the computer. She has lists to make and Christmas items to shop for, so I will have to conclude tomorrow. I hate to keep doing this to everyone..(kind of)..but there is a third part to this saga. And let me give you a preview...the string makes its way to school. And with out giving the whole thing away, I will say this...as of July 26, 2011..I still have no laces in my shoes. 

at the end of the half, I am getting my butt kicked

Score: Olivia 5 Mom 2

Olivia in her new "glasses" 

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