Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Its quiet...too quiet

Day three...no kids. Six days to go. I like to think I will get all these things done around the house, or work out, or even kick back and enjoy this time with out the girls. In reality, I will most likely go out to dinner too much, drink too much and spend too much time watching pointless TV. (at least there is Tosh.0) With the girls gone, the house is erie quiet. When I get up in the morning I swear I can still hear their TV blaring Barbie's Fashion Dream for the tenth time of the night. I am putting it all down, the things I miss most about my girls (aka the things that normally drive me crazy).

-1- The response "what" to everything I say. Layla, did you eat breakfast... What? Olivia do you want any more cantelope....What? Layla did you put away your paints....What? Olivia, where is your other shoe....What?

-2-The patter patter patter of little feet. And I say little because the only person I know with freakishly small feet is Olivia. At seven years old, she is still a toddler's size 11. This is amazing when it comes to buying shoes. I know I will get at least a years worth of time with them...if she doesnt loose them. The patter refers to the running..I have never seen Olivia walk..its always..patter patter patter..slam..konk..."I'm ok."

-3-The random animal factoids. Layla (aka Wikopedia) is always telling me things like where bats live, how many types of frogs there are, how long a usual sea turtle lives. I want to say I retain any of this information...but unfortunately it goes in one ear..and who knows where after that.

-4-The cat misses eating. Well, on time. Every morning, the cat is eagerly waiting outside of Layla's room. She tries to sneak in there every night and sleep with Layla..but lately Olivia has been beating her to it. The cat is not a fan of Olivia (refer to the running part of this post). Since the only reason we have a cat is because Layla likes her (she peed on my vinatage burgendy boots- that was game over for me), so we put up with her. Layla also feeds her before she feeds herself every morning. Layla's final words to me "remember to feed the cat, Mom."

-5-The excessive use of Bandaids. (refer to 2). Olivia says she is OK every ten minutes when she is running or falling or climbing. But really this implies that Olivia will be ok upon application of a bandaid (or in a pinch tattoo). For a while, to save money, I would tell her bandaids are only for when there is blood. I gave up around her fifth birthday. At any given time, Olivia usually is wearing three to five bandaids.

-6-The need to discuss life while I am using the bathroom or shower. (both kids). When I am sitting on the couch or at the table with the girls, I may as well be invisable. But...when I have to use the bathroom or take a shower...suddenly we want to discuss our day..or ponder the burning questions of life (mom-why do you have to shave your legs?).

-7-The reminders- Did you brush your teeth? Did you take the dog out? Are you wearing shoes? Did you eat breakfast? are you wearing deoderant (Layla)? Are you wearing two pairs of pants (Olivia)? Did you take that from your sister? Did you clean your room? Did you put your bike away? These are the questions I find my self asking over and over again to the air..or the dog..who every will listen. What response do I usually get? refer to 1

-8- Having my texts and facebook comments prescreened. "Mom- Richelle is texting you...again" The scenerio: I am changing out of my work clothes. I hear a ding from my phone in my purse indicating a new text message. Olivia running down the hall to grab it then running back down the hall to report. Along with that is the determination of what I am allowed to text or post on facebook. "Mom- Did you put my new painting on facebook?" (Layla) has anyone "liked" it yet? "Mommy - you dont have to tell Richelle everything" (Olivia).

While all these things may seem annoying to most people, (and at times me too) these are the little ticks that make my house run the way it does.

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  1. You are too funny. AND, to anyone else reading this, it is a very accurate account of life with Layla and Olivia. Everything Kristen has described in her account of the girls is so true. I have heard the word, "What" over and over again this week. As for Olivia running, falling, and then jumping up with, "I'm OK", I can't tell you how many times that has happened. The girls went through the band-aids by Wednesday. Once the box was empty they quit "needing" them.

    On the drive downtown to Layla's art camp I learned lots of interesting facts about all kinds of animals. I think she is a genius. She seems to be able to remember everything that she reads or hears. {Her Uncle Jason is like that, too}. Yesterday morning Layla was telling me about foxes and just then a little fox ran across the road in front of us. Layla couldn't see the fox from the backseat. I slowed down hoping she could catch a glimpse of the fox but it was gone.

    It has been quite a week with the girls. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Tonight and tomorrow they are staying with Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Kelli. I'm not sure who was more excited, the girls or Jeremy. I know they will have a blast. Sunday night the girls will be with us and Monday, a sleepover with Alexie.

    Before you know it Tuesday will be here and the girls will be back home. We still have to schedule a trip to Kennywood. The girls are anxious to take Alexie and Ian there. Somehow we need to work that in before their trip to Canada which they are also excited about doing.


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