Tuesday, July 12, 2011

30 days of....

Part of this personal experience is to challenge myself. 30 days of ....is my new self challenge. Somewhere I recall hearing "it only takes 30 days to make something a habit". I have no good habits. I have to remind myself twice to brush my teeth, I am close to never on time, I cant wake up in the morning and exercise...hahaha exercise. 

30 days is my new challenge to make myself better by developing better habits. I work best when I am held accountable for action or even better there is a reward involved. I have been blogging for almost a month. While I haven't gotten every day...I HAVE managed to fill the first month with a good deal of information...

But I am going to start small...start with hygiene. I WILL remember to wash my face before bed. Gross right, hardly. Don't tell me I am the only person who has waken up with that layer of eyeshadow under the eyes. I wonder why at 31 I am still breaking out. I am no dermatologist, but I know dirty skin = clogged pores = zits. (Yes, I said it zits. When did we start using the term acne so much). So starting today...July 12, 2011..I am going to remember to wash my darn face every night..no matter how tired (or buzzed) I am. My reward? Only the BEST bronzer I have ever used. The Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess compact. At $30 it is hardly in my price range. It is worth it for even looking....I spent a day at the beach...natural glow. So if I wash my face every day the bronzer is all mine. 

Day 1: Mission Accomplished 

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