Thursday, June 30, 2011

small changes

The thing about getting older is that change becomes harder to deal with. a new person in the office, a new mailman, a new car..any sort of interruption to the everyday is such an adjustment. Like babies when the time changes, we become cranky when something is not the same as it always was. In accounting SALY (same as last year) is a norm we strive to pull away from since you aren't making things better if your answer is that's how it was done before me. nothing is set in nothing is unchangeable.

Honestly...all this drama is over a haircut. Tomorrow is haircut day. Mostly I love haircut is a couple hours a month when someone else washes, dries and styles my hair. And for that whole day...i run my fingers through my freshly smoothed hair and hope to heaven I will be able to style somewhere close to what she has done. Anyone who knows me knows I am especially attached to my long thick hair. Every time I get a cut, I immediately want to grow it back. Lately I have been seeing adorable shorter styles. Since I have emulated Jennifer Aniston's hair since I had the "Rachel" in high school its only natural that I would crave her sun soaked bob. I have spent the day face deep in all my favorite magazines to come up with the perfect mix of young, professional and of course flirty. Emma Stone's bangs and choppy layers are the winner..and of course a pic from Lucky Magazine's hair look book. I think with a little style mag confidence I can pull off a five to six inch chop. Part of finding my creative voice is..of course..a good haircut.

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